Over 300,000 babies were born on New Year’s, but this one edged them all out.

In a viral and hilariously maddening tweet, Neil deGrasse Tyson recently advised millions of frustrated revelers that New Year’s Day, i.e. Jan. 1, is an astronomically insignificant event.

In other terms, it doesn’t mark any sort of cosmic milestone and might as well simply has become a random date on the calendar.

( He does it every year. And every year, it annoys everyone who simply wants to have a good time .)

To most of us, the new year is a moment of huge implication. It typifies a fresh start and hope for a better world, however arbitrary it is possible to. And that might explain our fascination with newborns who are born at or very close to midnight on New Year’s Eve.

According to UNICEF, 2018 ‘s first baby is a girl from Fiji named Vilisi.

She was born healthy and happy after about six hours of labor, and weighed merely over 7 pounds at birth. She joins around 386,000 other babies around the world who were also born on Jan. 1, but she managed to edge them all out to claim the title of “year’s first baby.”

On top of that, she’s already ready for her close-up. Get to know newborn Vilisi in the heartwarming video below :