Florida busboy finds, returns purse containing $1,500

When a Florida couple stopped for a quick hamburger while returning from a visit with their grandchildren, they left a handbag containing $1,500 in money dangle on the back of a chair.

Nineteen-year-old busboy Matt Cureton detected the purse while cleaning tables Monday at Wendy’s restaurant in Fort Pierce. He told the SunSentinel that per store policy he didn’t open the handbag before handing it over to manager Betsy Hersha.

Francis and Peggy Humanick noticed the purse was gone when they got to their Boca Raton home. They canceled their credit card before finding out the purse was safe, then drove 80 miles( 129 kilometers) back to Wendy’s.

Hersha says she hugged Cureton and told him he did the right thing, encouraging him to take a $100 reward.

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