This Is What A Soulmate Really Is Because They Arent Just The People We Date

Alexander Popov

“It’s not like love at first sight, genuinely. It’s more like … gravitation moves. When you insure her, abruptly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her. And you would do anything for her, be anything for her … You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a defender, or a fan, or a friend, or a brother.”- Stephanie Meyer

What is a soulmate? Is it the person you spend their own lives with? Or is it just a person who comes into your life and doesn’t leave? Is it members of the public who aims up being your forever? Or is it possible to find soulmates within median people we come across? People who change our lives merely by being in it. People who enter and there’s merely a before and after in us from their presence alone. Maybe that is a partner. Maybe it’s a mother. Or sibling. Maybe it’s a friend “whos never” left.

” What is a friend? A single spirit dwelling in two bodies .” -Aristotle.

Regardless of who this person might be when we find them we are never the same again.

I don’t think soulmates are so simple defined by the people we date. I think they can be found anywhere. These people who somehow complete us and stimulate our lives and hearts a little more whole. The people who not only take the time to understand us but the people who are us in a manner that is. It’s souls acknowledging one another as one in the same.

And once you find one another and you find that connection it’s nearly without endeavor or trying at all and it doesn’t die off. It just stays there.

It’s the people who induce us better versions of ourselves. The people who love us unconditionally. The people who realize our value and never stop reminding us of it.

It’s the people we get along with best. But also the people who challenge us and move us to be more. The people who make us laugh the loudest. The people who understand our stillnes and glares and uncertainty . It’s the person who can look at us and they can tell what type of day you are having. Someone who understands our dialogue without terms. Person who doesn’t need much but our presence to build them feel whole and alive again.

It’s the connection we can’t explain. It’s the relationship that is unlike any other.

A soulmate isn’t only defined by the person who is on the receiving aim of the words ‘I do .’ It’s that person who gets you in a way you are still trying to understand yourself.

And as confusing and difficult as life may get, the only thing you are most confident in times of doubt is them. Because you know they are never going to let you down.

It’s the words ‘I love you’ that roll off the tongue so easily without question.

It’s the common concern for someone other than ourselves.

It’s looking at someone and truly believing despite their flaws they are the most perfect person we’ve ever satisfied.

We look for them in everyone else merely to again be reminded how rare they are and how lucky we are to have found one another.

It’s a reciprocal respect.

It’s the same kindness.

It’s the conversation at 2AM that induce you think.

It’s the one person in our lives who constantly satisfy us halfway and it never feels difficult.

It’s meeting this person and even the thought of something happening to them would shake up our world so dramatically.

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