Wild swings occur in numbers of California mudslide missing

The number of missing after a California mudslide has fluctuated wildly, due to changing definitions, the inherent uncertainty that follows a natural disaster, and just plain human error.

On Thursday, the number provided by authorities ran from 48, down to eight, then back up to 43. Officials say a clerical mistake led to the figure of eight being released.

At a news conference Thursday where he said 43 were missing, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said the updated figure was an “inclusive” number that encompassed several the definitions contained in “missing.”

“I know it sounds like it’s a constantly moving number, ” Brown said. “There hasn’t been a voice definition of what constitutes a missing person.”

It could include everything from urgent, active missing-persons instances being worked by sleuths to calls received from acquaintances saying they hadn’t been able to reach someone they believe was in Montecito on Tuesday morning when mudslides swept through township and killed 17 people.

Authorities would not specify how many people were in each category.

Brown said some of those on the missing listing may simply have left the region before or after the mudslides or may only be out of touch with the family and friends go looking for them.

Similar issues emerged in last year’s wine country wildfires in Northern California, where at times thousands were reported missing, the overwhelming majority simply people whose communication with friends and family had been cut off by the fires.

Brown did say that of the 17 people he announced were missing Wednesday, some were identified as among the dead and were crossed off the list.

He did not believe, he said Thursday, that there are 43 more dead to be discovered, or even a figure close to that.

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