A school assignment asked for 3 benefits of slavery. This kid gave the only good answer.

It’s not uncommon for mothers to puzzle over their kids’ homework.

Sometimes, it’s only been too long since they’ve done long division for them to be of any assistance. Or teaching methods have just changed too dramatically since they were in school.

And other hours, kids bring home something truly inexplicable.

Trameka Brown-Berry was appear over her 4th-grade son Jerome’s homework when her jaw reached the floor.

“Give 3 ‘good’ reasons for slavery and 3 bad reasons, ” the prompt began.

You read that right. Good reasons … FOR SLAVERY.

Lest anyone think there’s no way a school would actually dedicate an assigning like this, Brown-Berry posted photo proof to Facebook.

The assignment was real. In the year 2018. Unbelievable.

Does anyone else find my 4th grader’s homework offensive?

Posted by Trameka Brown-Berry on Monday, January 8, 2018

The shockingly offensive assigning deserved to be hurled in the junk. But young Jerome dutifully filled it out anyway.

His response was pretty much perfect.

In the section reserved for “good reasons, “( again, for bondage ), Jerome wrote, “I feel there is no good reason for bondage thats why I did not write.”

Yep. That about encompass it.

The school assignment was intended to spark debate and debate — but isn’t that part of their own problems?

We’re a country founded on freedom of speech and debating notions, which often results us into situations where “both sides” are represented. But it can only run in so far.

There’s no meaningful dialogue to be had about the perceived merits of stripping human beings of their basic living rights. No one is required to make an effort to “understand the other side, ” when the other side is bigoted and hateful.

In a follow-up post, Brown-Berry writes that the school has since apologized for the assignment and committed to offering better diversity and sensitivity training for its educators.

But what’s done is done, and the incident illuminates the remarkable racial inequalities that still exist in our country. After all, Brown-Berry told the Chicago Tribune, “You wouldn’t ask someone to listing three good reasons for rape or three good reasons for the Holocaust.”

At the very end of the assigning, Jerome brought it home with a bang: “I am proud to be black because we are strong and brave … ”

Good for Jerome for shutting down the thoughtless assigning with strength and amazing eloquence.

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