YouTube drops Logan Paul from Google Preferred and puts his Originals on hold

YouTube has taken further action against social media superstar Logan Paul, falling the vlogger from its Google Preferred program, which is meant to be a mark of trust to signal to advertisers they can rely on these media inventors to make higher-quality content.

After Paul posted a video of a dead body he filmed hanging from a tree in Japan’s colloquially titled “suicide forest, ” it’s no amaze that YouTube and Google would want him out of its Preferred program. Paul isn’t cut off from all ad benefits on YouTube, however, and can still use the YouTube Partner Program to monetize videos.

The consequences of Paul’s grievous mistake in judgement don’t objective there, however: the YouTuber won’t be featured in the fourth season of the YouTube Red scripted original “Foursome, ” the company said, and any of his other upcoming Originals projects are on hold for the time being, with their ultimate fate still to be determined.

YouTube’s prior action against Paul following his sin include receiving a strike for his violation of its posted community guidelines, as well as releasing a statement about how its decision to pull the video was in keeping with its policies.

Paul announced following the controversy that he was taking some time away from his practice of posting daily vlogs, and his last video on YouTube was his apology post to spectators, which was published a week ago.

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