You can get that $29 battery replacement, regardless of your iPhones health

Apple hasn’t been super specific when it comes to those $29 iPhone battery replacements. After all, the company would no doubt like to the whole business behind it. What precisely it would take to qualify one’s out-of-warranty handset for the $50 discount hasn’t been spelled out, but it seems to be easier than anticipated.

The company had previously mentioned the threshold of “anyone with an iPhone 6 or subsequently whose battery needs to be replaced, ” which seemed to apply to the in-house diagnostic tests it was operating on handsets, recommending a replacement once the battery falls below 80 -percent its initial capacity. The actual bar, however, is apparently quite a bit lower, with the company may be required for replacement regardless of testing.

The news was first spotted by iGeneration by way of an internal memo, and had now been been confirmed by MacRumors. We’ve reached out to Apple as well, and will update as soon as we hear something official. It seems likely the company’s simply looking to cause as little friction as is practicable, in the wake of bad advertising surrounding its policy of slowing down older handsets to preserve battery.

Many of its chief competitors jumped on the news — Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola all issued statements noting that still have not enforced similar policies. iFixit, meanwhile, offered its own $29 battery replacement, which, unlike Apple’s apology offering, is good on telephones older than the iPhone 6.

Apple’s own offering operates through this December. More details are available on Apple’s site, where you can also schedule a journey to the Genius Bar.

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