If You Have Enough Money, Theres A Place You Can Go Where Theyll Make Your Sickest Fantasies Come To Life

Warning: This is a horror story. IT IS VERY DISTURBING .
Brooke Olimpieri

Charlie sat and tapped his thumbs idly on the arm of his chair. He was growing impatient. He checked his watch and sighed heavily, feeling irritation stir in his chest. His eyes roamed around the elaborately decorated office. Despite his annoyance, he was impressed with the room in which he sat. The walls were lined with bookshelves that hosted an array of volumes in languages he didn’t even acknowledge. The floor was layered with thick, richly colored oriental rugs. The desk in front of him was massive, the maple polished to a glisten.

“Will you fucking relax? ”

Charlie swung his head over to evaluate his friend sitting next to him. Evan’s mouth hosted a small smile and his green eyes sparkled with anticipation. His perfectly combed hair glowed with virtually the same intensity as the desk.

“I just feel like we’re being disrespected, being made to wait like this, ” Charlie growled.

Evan snorted, “We’ve been on the waiting list for months, we can wait a couple seconds longer. Chill man.”

Charlie sighed, “I’m simply ready to do this. My spouse has been such a pain in the ass lately, work is killing me, and I had to postpone my vacation…I simply need to unwind a little.”

Evan spread his hands, “And you will. We’re here. We induced it. We’ve been approved, the money has been transferred, and everything is in order. Don’t worry, buddy, it’s all happening.”

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this, ” Charlie said, suddenly grinning. He shook his head, “I’ve merely been thinking about this day for so long.”

Evan nodded in agreement, “I know, human. Do you know what you want yet? ”

Charlie took a second and tapped the tips of his thumbs together. Yes, of course he knew what he wanted.

“I want a bunny.”

Evan barked a laugh, “A bunny? Goddamn it, Charlie, we come all this way and you want a fucking bunny? ”

Charlie suddenly felt defensive, “Hey, screw you, Evan. What’s wrong with that? What are you going to get? ”

Evan’s face split into a smile, disclosing his perfect teeth, “I want a dog. Always have.”

Charlie grunted, “And you’re giving me crap? A puppy? ”

Evan laughter, “Oh, it’s not going to merely be any dog. I’m getting a special one. I’ve already made the arrangements.”

“Oh? How’s that? ”

“Well, ” Evan said, leaning back, “If you want to pay a little extra, you’re allowed access to uh…let’s just say the’ special breeds’.”

“What does that entail? ”

“You’ll see. You still want to do this together right? ”

Charlie paused and thought it over for a moment, “Yeah…yeah I think it’ll be better if we get them together. More exciting, you know? ”

“Sure do, pal.”

The two men were interrupted as the door behind the large desk opened. An older gentleman in a gray suit stepped out into the room and quietly nodded to his two guests. He walked to the desk chair and sat down heavily. He looked up, his eyes sharp and quick behind his thick rimmed glasses.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I detest being late, but sometimes it only can’t help people. We had a slight situation with some of the newer breeds that needed to be addressed.” His voice growled from his chest like thunder.

“Nothing wrong I hope? ” Charlie asked.

The older man shook his head, “Oh no, simply a minor setback. It will have no impact on your visit here today.”

“That would have been vastly disappointing, ” Evan muttered.

“All is in order, ” the man assured. He widened his hand and stand, “Oh, please forgive me. My name is Julian, I believe we spoke on the phone some months ago.”

Charlie shook his hand. Evan did the same.

Julian sat back up, “If I recollect, one of you has already made their selection, correct? ”

Evan grinned and created his hand, “That’d be me.”

Julian nodded and looked at Evan over his glasses, “Ah yes. You were the one with the special petition. A puppy, wasn’t it? ”

Evan nodded, “That’s correct.”

“Yes, well, everything is in order and on track. Now, as for you, ” he turned to Charlie, “You still need to figure out what you would like.”

Charlie ran his tongue across his bottom lip, “I want a bunny.”

Julian nodded matter-of-factly, “Of course, of course, great option. A bunny. Yes. Wonderful.” He reached for a desk drawer and pulled it open. From it, he retrieved a massive plastic binder. He placed it on the desk and spun it around for Charlie to see.

“Have a look. I suppose any of these will do.”

Charlie exchanged an excited look with Evan before leaning forward and peeling open the binder. The laminated pages were slick beneath his thumbs as he shuffled through them. He could feel his heart starting to race as his eyes poured over the HD images. There were so many to choose from.

“Take your time, ” Julian said quietly, folding his hands over his chest, “Let the right one picking you.”

But it didn’t take long.

“This one, ” Charlie said on the third page, his thumb jabbing a painting.

Julian leaned forward on his elbows and stared down at Charlie’s selection, “You sure? ”


Charlie’s eyes into the photo. His heartbeat was utterly throbbing now. Yes. This was the one. He didn’t need to see any more. It had to be this one. A perfect bunny.

“A fine option, ” Julian commended, “We just got that one in this morning. I hope your selection brings you nothing but happiness.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, ” Charlie said, resting a hand over his crotch.

“When do we get to see them? ” Evan asked, his eyes alight.

“Give us about an hour to attain the preparations, ” Julian said, collecting the binder and placing it back in the desk drawer.

“That soon? ” Evan nearly giggled.

“Oh yes. You gentlemen have waited long enough, wouldn’t you say? ”

“You got that right, ” Charlie chuckled. Exhilaration tingled through him. His hand shut over his crotch.

“One more thing, ” Julian said before rejecting them, “Do you want them messy or cleaned up? ”

Charlie and Evan exchanged a seem.

“Messy. Dedicate them to us messy.”

“As you wish.”

Charlie squeezed his cock through his pants. Soon.

Jessica knew she was in trouble before she even opened her eyes. Her arms and legs ached. Darkness swarmed from every direction. Something was clicking, she could hear something clicking…what the hell was that? Was she building that noise?

She realized that it was her. She was shivering violently and her teeth chattered aggressively. God, it was freezing.

She tried to move, but determined herself unable. Cold walls pressed against her shoulders and ankles, compressing her into a horribly uncomfortable, bent stance. Her neck was stiff and she tried to raise her head, but objective up banging her skull on a frigid surface. Christ, she couldn’t move!

A coffin- that was her first suppose. The image sent a wave of claustrophobia through her. She fought against it as best she could as she tried to get her bearings, tried to remember what the hell had happened.

She had been in her auto, about to drive home from work. Yes. What next? Her head thumped with ache, a dim reminder of the memory. Person had…someone had been in the back of her car. She had been struck, hard, and lost consciousness.

But why? Who would do such a thing to her? And where was she !?

She tried to calm down. That’s when she realized she was completely naked. The jolting discovery kindled her imagination and she began to boulder in her tight imprisonments, a shrill cry penetrating the compact darkness.

“Help me! Someone help me PLEASE! ”

She didn’t like the hysteria in her own voice and forced herself to stop screaming. She had always prided herself on being a logical both women and it wouldn’t do any good to lose her mind right now. That wouldn’t fix anything.

But fuck, did she want to call.

“Think Jessica, who would do this to you? ” She asked herself softly, shifting as best she could in the cramped black. Goddamn it, it was cold.

Her mind reached back for possible suspects. Who would beat her unconscious and then hold her captive?

As she went over possible names, she began to hear something beyond the darkness. It was muted noise, like footsteps echoing across a great space. Is somebody out there? And where exactly was “out there”?

She didn’t care and began to beat against the icy walls of her prison, her elbows banging and bruise against the tight imprisonment.

“Help me! I’m in here! PLEASE HELP ME! ”

The footsteps were getting closer! They had heard her!

“I’m locked in here! I can’t get by! Please, help me! ”

The footsteps stopped just outside the cold prison. Jessica wrapped her limbs around herself and shivered as something rubbed across the outer walls.

She heard a rattle of chains and then something clanking to the floor.

In a rush of warmth, the cell was opened and Jessica find herself tumbling out and falling onto a cement floor. Her ears echo as her head bounced off the hard surface, but she didn’t even care. The warm air dulled the pain in the most fantastic style and she nearly determined it amusing that she was getting pleasure from a horrific situation. The warmth merely felt so good…

“Tie her, ” a male voice commanded. Jessica tried to look up, but her face was approximately shoved back up and her arms were yanked behind her back. She wept out in pain as her frozen bones creaked beneath the force.

She felt rope encircle her wrists and then knots began to bite into her skin. Who were these people? What did they want with her? What the hell was going on? The fear began to ebbing back up onto shore, a lapping, rising tide.

“She’s secure, ” a second voice said, the one binding her.

“Bring her into the Evolution Chamber. Hall is expecting her. He’s already working on the dog.”

Groggily, Jessica opened her eyes from the floor. At first she didn’t know what she was looking at. Then, painfully, her intellect pieced together her strange surrounds.

She was in some kind of warehouse. The high windows had been spray painted over and the majority of the space was empty. Except for the walls. The walls were lined with dozens and dozens of refrigerators. Each one was chained shut and had a number painted on the door. Blinking heavily, she looked at the one she had been confined in.

It read #44.

“You think you can handle her? ” The first voice asked.

Jessica rolled her head to the side and looked up at the two men standing over her. They were wearing all black and their faces were concealed behind animal masks. A crow and a goat. Christ, what the fuck is had she been dragged into ….?

“She’s not going to give me any trouble, ” the second man said- the goat. He kicked Jessica and she grunted, painfully. “Right? No, of course you’re not. Keep them cold, keep them weak. Just how I like them. Come on, bitch, time to go consider the doctor.”

The first man, crow, held up a hand, “Take her right to the Evolution Chamber. Don’t bolt around like you did last day. You’re lucky I covered for you. I won’t do it again.”

The goat snorted, “You don’t have to worry about that. She’s not my type.”

“Just get it done.”

Jessica saw herself being hauled up by the hair and dragged across the warehouse. She tripped, stumbled, and screamed out as she struggled to keep up with the brisk pace her captor set. Because her hands were tied behind her back, she found it difficult to maintain her balance. Each hour she faltered, the man- goat mask- jerked her up roughly by the hair. The fourth hour she staggered, he let her fall and she smashed into the floor face first. Her bottom lip split as she made contact and she tasted blood. Stars erupted across her vision and she let out a labored groan.

Chuckling, goat mask hauled her back up and continues to pull her across the empty space. They eventually reached a doorway and he yanked it open, dragging her inside.

“Brought you the other one, ” He announced, hurling Jessica to the floor.

She landed violently and coughed blood, her bare skin skidding across the concrete.

“Can you take it easy with the product? ” A new voice inquired.

“What’s the difference? ”

A patient sigh, “The difference is how long we all maintain our tasks. Now piss off.”

Goat mask: “Fine, penalty, I’ll- HOLY SHIT DOC WHAT THE FUCK ?! ”

“You like her? She’s almost finished. She was a special petition, the client paid extra for this. A beautiful puppy, is she not? ”

“That’s so fucked up. I love it.”

“Thank you. Now pleases, leave me. I’ll attend to the bunny.”

With some endeavor, Jessica opened her eyes. From the ground, she watched goat mask exit the room. She turned her attention to the new voice.

Her eyes widened in absolute horror. Her stomach tightened and her throat ran dry. The scene before her crashed through her senses like a derailed develop. Her intellect shuddered, groaned, and threatened to fray.

A man stood over an operating table. His hair was combed neatly to one side and he wore a stained lab coat. His arms were covered with blood up to his elbows. He didn’t even look at Jessica as he continued to work on the creation on the table.

A man and a woman had been conjoined together. The woman at the head, “the mens” at the back. The woman’s legs had been severed and the man’s arms had been assured off. His upper chest and head lay nestled against the small of the woman’s back. It had been secured in place by barbed wire, coils and coils of it that pinned him to the woman.

Together, the latter are propped up on their remaining four limbs. The woman’s arms at the front, and the man’s legs at the back. Their bodies formed one long torso that melded along with the aid of the barbed wire.

Props had been placed beneath them so they would remain in position on the table while the doctor worked his knife. The removed legs had been discarded and the incisions had been carefully sewn up.

The most horrific thing of all though, was that both parties were still very much alive and awake.

The man’s eyes bulged in crippling pain beneath the wreaths of barbed wire that held his head in place against the woman’s back. Blood dripped from his forehead like a crimson crown. His mouth had been bind with the wire as well, gagging him and pulling his shredded cheeks into a terrifying grin.

The woman wept and changed miserably on top of the apparatus that maintained her in place. The stumps that once hosted her legs were pinned securely beneath the man’s chest. They writhed slowly, as if trying to push away with feet that were no longer there.

The doctor didn’t even look at Jessica as he strolled around the table to observe his work. A smile split his face as he cupped the woman’s face in his hands and gazed down into her eyes.

“What a fairly dog you are, ” he cooed, stroking her hair. “But you’re missing something. Your face…it looks so human. That won’t do, will it? No, that won’t do at all. The man who paid for you wants a puppy. A doggy. You want to be a doggy right? Of course you do.” He bent down and kissed her on the lips, letting the sensation last, “Oh you savor like a doggy.”

He reached beneath the table and hoisted something out from under it. When the woman insured it, she wept harder, tears flowing down her bruised face.

It was a severed dog head, the neck bone protrude from the fur like a blood-soaked joint. Leather straps had been screwed along the sides of the head. The doctor fiddled with these as he guided the extended neck bone into the woman’s mouth. She gagged once, twice, then violently hurled up around it as it slid down her throat. The doctor didn’t even seem to notice as the hot bile splashed over the table. He fitted the straps along the back of her head like a muzzle, pulling the gored animal flesh so that it was flush against her face.

“You’ll figure out how to breathe, ” He muttered, stiffening the straps and securing them in place.

He stepped back and smiled again, “Oh my…aren’t you a fairly doggy.” The dead tongue lolled out of the dog’s severed head and the woman shake behind it.

The doctor leaned down and accepted the tongue into his own mouth, sucking it passionately.

“Oh you’re a fairly one, ” He mumbled around a mouthful of limp pink. “My finest work yet…”

He ejected the tongue and wiped salivate from his lips, “I guess our guests are going to be most pleased with you.”

He ran his hand down her back and patted the man’s head between the coils of barbed wire, “Don’t you die on me down there. You’re just as beautiful and important as the other half. Strong legs on you. That’s “why youre” picked. You’re a fighter. So fight! Don’t die! Don’t you want to see what your master will do to you? Oh I wish I could see…” The doctor reached into his pants and tweaked a sudden erection, “Christ, what a specimen…”

Suddenly, he seemed down at Jessica, as if seeing her for the first time.

“And what about you? Are you impressed with my work? Hm? ”

Jessica curled into herself, shock and revulsion paralyzing her where she lay.

The doctor laughter, “I think it’s time you came on up here on my table…”

“What are you doing? ” Charlie asked.

Evan stood in the corner of the blank-faced room. He faced the wall with his back to Charlie. Soft groans escaped his lips.

“Uh, Evan? ” Charlie asked, intersecting his arms from the chair across the room.

“Shut up, let me concentrate, ” Evan mumbled.

Charlie cocked an eyebrow, the fluorescent light overhead illuminating the bare room in stark white sunlight. The cold tile underfoot was just as bare as the room it lined. Two chairs stood on opposite sides of a door. Charlie sat in one of these, waiting impatiently, but curiously watching his friend.

“Are you…masturbating? ” Charlie asked.

Evan, his back still turned , nodded, “Yeah man, don’t want to nut too soon when we get in there…gotta…make it…lassst! ” The last word crescendoed and Evan shuddered, blowing his loading against the wall. Sighing, he straightened and zipped up his pants.

“Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with you? ” Charlie asked, grimacing.

Evan turned to him and shrugged, “You’re actually asking me that knowing what we’re about to do? ”

Charlie grunted, “I guess that’s fair.”

“Look man, if you’re intimidated by my cock-”

“Oh fuck you.”

“Naw, ” Evan smirked as he walked over to the empty chair, “We get other things to fuck tonight.”

Charlie scratched his eyes, “How much longer do you think it’ll be? ”

“I dunno. It’s been close to an hour I think.”

“You nervous? ”

“I’m fucking aroused, ” Evan said, taking a seat, “I just keep picturing how my puppy is going to look. I was very specific. It cost a lot, but goddamn it…it’ll be worth it. I just know it will. They assured me that their surgeon is incredible and can do just about anything.”

“Great man…that’s great.”

Evan glanced at Charlie, “What’s your problem? ”

Charlie shook his head, “I don’t have a problem. I’m merely anxious.”

“Your bunny is going to be so fucking hot, man.”

Charlie chuckled, releasing some of the tension he felt, “I know. I can’t wait to see what she looks like.”

Evan leaned across the limb of his chair, his voice fell, “Say…you mind if I have a go at her too? You know…since we’re doing this together and all, I don’t ensure why we can’t share the product.”

Charlie’s face darkened, “She’s mine. If you wanted a bunny, you should have ordered one. I’m glad we get to do this together, but once we’re in there I want you to stay away from my pet. You got that? ”

Evan raised his hands defensively, “Alright, alright! Shit! It was just and notion. Didn’t know you were so greedy.”

“You stick your dick wherever you want, just so long it’s not in my bunny.”

Evan retreated back into his chair, “Christ, man, message received. Chill.”

Charlie bit his lip, suddenly unsure, “Say…I’ve been meaning to ask you…when you’re done, are you going to kill your pet? They told us we could if we wanted to…I just…I just haven’t decided yet.”

Evan sneered at Charlie, “Hell yeah I am. How often does one get to slaughter an abomination like the one I’m about to fuck? ”

Charlie nodded, “True…true…I believe I will too then.”

Evan reached out and slapped Charlie on the shoulder, “Fuck yeah, human. Fuck. YEAH.”

Suddenly, the door opened and the old man, Julian, stepped inside.

“They’re ready, gentlemen. If you’ll follow me.”

Jessica writhed in agony. Every inch of her burned-out with it. Every muscle, every nerve ending, every hitching breath brought with it another tornado of ache. Her skull ached, her face blazed, and it was a miracle she could even remain conscious. She blinked lazily from the floor, blood drooling from her lips and drizzling onto the floor.

The doctor had been vicious and precise. Her screams had gone unheard and uncared for. Her pleas for mercy had fallen on deaf ears. All that remained of her fractured state of mind was a single image. A shocking, terrible image.

And that image…was a bunny.

She tried to raise her head from the floor, but the screwings burrowing into her skull felt like anchors. The weight of her new ears pressed her face to the cement. Blood operated freely from her mutilated gums. It pooled around her cheek and gave her warmth.

Jessica prodded her destroyed mouth with her tongue, wincing. The doctor had removed every single one of her teeth, except for the front two.

“Yes, yes, perfect, how beautiful you are, ” He had mumbled, his pliers stained with her own liquids.

The center of her face was a black hole of torment. When the doctor had removed her nose with a hacksaw, she believed she had reached the peak of pain. But “shes been” wrong. The blowtorch had extended that threshold as it glazed the gaping pit and her new bunny nose had been pressed into the melted mess.

Weakly, Jessica tried to get up, but failed miserably. She lay gasping on the floor, lost in her own suffering. She tried to clear her mind, but it was all so foggy.

“Don’ gib up, ” She mumbled around her gored gums, “You gob geb ow a here…”

She took a deep exhale to steady herself and them channeled all her remaining strength to her arms. Exclaiming out, she managed to push herself up and slump against the wall up a sitting position. Gasping, she took a few moments to assess where she was.

As her eyes fell on the center of the room, she felt a jolt of shock. The conjoined dog girl was on all fours, held up by wooden blocks placed beneath her for supporting. The human at the tail end didn’t seem to be conscious. Or alive. His eyes were closed beneath the wraps of barbed wire. Blood sluiced from his bald head and dripped to the floor. The woman’s face was hidden beneath the severed puppy head affixed to her face, but Jessica could see her struggling to breathe around the long bone protruding down her throat. Her neck looked bloated and the scalp was inflamed and dividing. Jessica turned away, feeling sick. Looking at the dog person was like looking at a living statue- a breathing, bloody, immobile display propped up for the world to watch.

Jessica surveyed the rest of the room. It wasn’t very large and was barricaded by a single doorway on the far wall. To her left was a table filled with all kinds of awful things that attained her belly roll. Hammers, knives, chains, lube, dildos, cock cages, lashes, axes….

I have to stand up, Jessica guessed, and I have to get to that table. Whoever stroll through that door isn’t going to let me run. They’re going to kill me. If I’m lucky.

Groaning, Jessica pressed her back against the wall and pushed up with her legs, shimming up the surface. She nearly fell, but caught herself at the last second. A wave of dizziness reached her and she gagged on her own blood. She spat a wad of it to the floor and wiped her mouth, grimacing. Her lips felt like balloons filled with acid.

Limping, she made her style over to the table, circling around the unmoving, kneeling dog being on the floor. As she rounded it, she saw the woman’s stomach expanding as she tried to keep breathing. She also watched the melded man’s eyes glint open and watch her move across the room. Still alive.

Reaching the table, she rapidly looked for something small and sharp. Her fingers wrap around a thin filet knife and she took it from the array.

That’s when footsteps echoed outside the door.

Panicking, Jessica spun around, knife in hand.

If they ensure the knife, she would have no chance. She was too weak. She had to wait until they were completely off his guard.

But because she was naked, there was just nowhere to conceal the knife. And if she rushed them, she knew she’d be overpowered.

Keys jingled outside the door.

They were coming.

Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Jessica called internally, spinning around, eyes going wild.

The sound of a key being slotted into the lock.

Jessica stopped moving, appeared down at the knife, and did the only thing she could. She plunged the blade into her vagina, sinking it in as far as she could. Blood gushed from between her legs and she collapsed to the floor, virtually blacking out from the unbearable pain.

About three inches of the knife handle jutted from her vagina. It would have to do. Jessica, sick with burning hurt, closed her legs, disguising the blade.

As soon as she did so, two men explode through the door.

Their eyes lit up as they fell on their pets.

“Holy SHIT, Charlie! Seem at my puppy! I mean holy fucking SHIT! ”

“Jesus Christ, Evan, that is one fucked up abomination. You asked for this? ”

“Hell yeah, I mean look at it! It’s incredible! ”

“Amazing…” the speaker’s eyes fell on Jessica and alighted, “Hello beautiful.” A smile twisted his lips, “Aren’t you only the perfect little bunny. Oh yes…look at those ears…and that cute little nose…oh that nose drives me crazy…I only wishes to lick it…I want to eat it right off your adorable little face.”

The man advanced on Jessica and she saw he already had an erecting. As he strolled closer, he tore off his shirt and unzipped his pants.

“God, merely the sight of you is driving me crazy. Appear at what a mess you are.” He knelt down over Jessica, “You’re so bloody. Look at all the blood on your face. Did the doctor hurt you dear? It’s ok…I’ll make it all better.” The human grabbed her by the back of the neck and brought her face to his. Gently, he pried open her mouth and grinned, “Oh look at those little nibblers. I bet that hurt, didn’t it? Let me make it all better…” The man kissed her, sending a rippling of fire through Jessica’s mouth. She felt his tongue prod the bloody sockets where her teeth used to be. Each intrusion was like a bomb going off in her mouth.

Jessica called. She called in horror, in pain, in fear, and in absolute revulsion. The sickening, terrifying reality ripped across her intellect like a razor blade.

The other man, Evan, seemed up from the ass aim of the dog person, “Oh Jesus, Charlie, she’s a howler huh? Should have gotten a muzzle like I did for my pet, ” he laughed and then interred his face back into the man’s ass.

Jessica felt “the mens” pull away, strands of bloody drool bridging their mouths, “You’re a loud one all right. Not sure I like that…but I have an idea. Something to keep you quiet.”

The man stood over Jessica and pulled out his hard on. He wiggled it down at her, “Just pretend it’s a carrot. But don’t eat it. Just kiss it…lick it…”

He stepped toward Jessica, but she turned away, and hollered louder, unable to believe what was happening. Her fingers groped for the knife handle between her legs.

The man waved his cock at her, growing frustrated, “Stop screaming and fucking blow me! ”

The other man pulled his face out once more, calling to his friend, “Jesus Christ, Charlie, can you fucking gag the bunny already? I can’t take that noise, man! ”

Jessica’s thumbs found the knife handle. Bracing herself, she ripped the blade from her lacerated vagina.

Charlie was so fucking horny. His balls ached to be emptied. The sight of the bloodied bunny beneath him kindled his sex drive in ways he hadn’t even detected yet. He just wanted to fuck it, fuck it until he lost impression in his dick and couldn’t stand anymore.

The screaming was killing boner though. He looked up toward the workbench with hopes of finding something that would shut her up.

In that instant, he abruptly felt an foreigner weightlessness between his legs.

Blinding pain followed and his eyes bulged and he knees buckled. In paralyzed shock, he appeared down to see his cock had been sliced off. It had fallen to the floor between the bunny’s leg. In her hands was a long knife that dripped crimson. Blood waterfalled from his stump onto the bunny’s face as Charlie arched back and wailed so hard it ruptured his vocal cords.

He fell to his knees as the bunny stood, her long ears flopping over her face. She pushed them aside, looked down at him, and then plunged the knife into his eye.

Charlie died dickless.

Jessica ran for the door as the second man surfaced for air. She saw his shit smeared face sliver with shock at the sight of his dead friend. Not waiting for him to react, Jessica bolted for the door. She could scarcely stand, pain coursing through her like lava.

She crashed into the door and pushed it open. She found herself back in the warehouse with the refrigerators. Crying, weak, in blinding agony, she hobbled for the door at the far end of the empty space.

Almost…don’t fall down…don’t stop…you can do this…

Tears blurred her vision and blood ran freely between her legs. She made it halfway to the door when a loud voice called out to her.

She chanced a glance over her shoulder and almost freeze with horror.

An older man in a gray suit and thick rimmed glasses was constructing his route over to her. But he wasn’t alone. In his hands he held a dozen odd leashes. Splayed out before him, crawling on all fours, were a host of altered animal people. They snarled at her, snapped at her, hungry to get at her.

“Go my pets! ” The old man called, releasing the leashes, “Feed on her! Don’t let her escape! ”

In a chorus of growl and barks, the congregation of dogs, cats, ponies, and cow people all charged Jessica. They bolted for her with tremendous velocity, all signs of humanity lost beneath their animalistic features.

Jessica stimulated it another four steps before they fell on her.

Screaming, collapsing beneath them, Jessica felt their claws and teeth begin to rend at her flesh.

Blood, darkness, and ache ate her world.

Before death took her, a single believe gasped through her head.

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