Apple rerouting employee shuttles after highway attacks shatter windows on buses during commutes

In the past week, five Apple commuter shuttles carrying employees to and from the company’s Cupertino offices have been attacked, several sources tell us. Windows on the bus were shattered by what staff members shall be suspecting was a gun being fired at the vehicles.

All five incidents took place off Highway 280 near Woodside, Calif. The first assault took place Friday evening, with an additional three buses targeted during yesterday morning’s commute and another one afterward that evening.

Since-deleted post from Twitter user describing shuttle attack.

A source tells us that due to the nature of how the windows were impacted, some suspect the weapon being used could be a BB or pellet gun. A is present in Mashable today theorized that the issue has the potential to have been caused by someone throwing rocks.

In response, we’ve learned that Apple has rerouted the bus routes for employees living in San Francisco, adding 30 -4 5 minutes of commute time each route, as the company working in cooperation with authorities to see what exactly is going on.

Apple has submitted a police report with a description of the suspect to local authorities. We have reached out to Apple for remark. We also have reached out to other tech companies in the area, wondering about whether similar shuttle attacks have taken place. Facebook told TechCrunch that there had not been attacks on their shuttles.

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