But Its Not Always You

Aral Tasher

It’s not your flaw that you thought they meant what they said. It’s not your faulting that you believe people because why would anyone purposely lie to you? Why would they go in with bad intentions?

It’s not always you or your words or your heart, sometimes it’s the kind of people they are. The kind of love they’re are applied to. The state of mind they’re in. The thirst they have for attention. Their fragile egoes that find joy in transgressing hearts. It’s not your fault that they’re still emotionally unavailable and playing games merely to prove something to themselves or to others.

Sometimes they find exhilaration in winning over person astounding like you even if they don’t intend to keep you. Sometimes it’s actually, genuinely not your fault .

It’s not your fault that you find potential and decided to take chances. It’s not your faulting that you tried to be open and positive without being too guarded. It’s not your faulting that you didn’t see it coming. It’s not your flaw that they lied.

It’s not your fault that you went with the flow, that you were spontaneous, that you gave your heart to someone who maintained asking for it. It’s not your defect because you didn’t start any of it and you didn’t aim it.

It’s not your fault so stop asking questions and overanalyzing and thinking that something is necessary awfully wrong with you. It’s not your faulting that someone is not ready for what you’re “re ready for”. It’s not your faulting that someone can’t meet you wherever you. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise.

Because sometimes our hearts need to move for the incorrect ones so they can distinguish the right one. Sometimes our hearts need to believe all the lies so they can appreciate the truth .

It’s not your defect. It always takes two. And if you want to really balance the equation, you have to look at the other person. You have to realize that they also played a major role in making you believe. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with you and it’s them that need a lot of work. A plenty of fixing. A plenty of mending before they can understand what it genuinely means to let someone else in.

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