‘Star Wars’ fans are using this hashtag to ask Disney to do better.

“Star Wars” is more than a film franchise. It is a galaxy full of stories, heroism, and adventure.

For many fans, their love of the movie stretchings beyond a few hours on the silver screen. It’s a true community, a lifestyle, even a family tradition. “Star Wars” is a way of life.

“Star Wars” fans attend “Star Wars” night at a baseball game. Photo by Christian Petersen/ Getty Images.

That’s why fans around the globe are telling Disney to show up for characters from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

Fans of all ages are sharing why diversity, inclusion, and representation matter — even in a galaxy far, far away — with the hashtag, #SWRepMatters.

Because everyone from the young…

…to the young at heart, everyone deserves to see themselves in the media they ingest.

“Star Wars” has an entire galaxy to draw from. Is it too much to ask to include more women, especially women of color? And once they’re there, perhaps let them talk to one another? No. No it’s not.

( Considering the above exchange, fans managed to come up with two more, but six brief moments in nine movies is still abysmal .)

It must be said that the “Star Wars” literature and comics have made a point to include women of colour as heroes and protagonists, but the reach of the films is far beyond that of the books. Devote us three-dimensional characters with arc, backstories, and challenges to overcome.

Because while diversity in the films has improved, it’s still lightyears behind where it should be.

And not just on screen, but behind the camera, too, in writers rooms and other high-profile creative postures. There’s lots of talk among fans about the mere potential of Ava DuVernay directing a film. And while she is amazing, she’s not the only girl of colour attaining moves.

Because this is about more than lore and amusement, it’s about dollars and good sense.

In addition to being beloved by fans around the globe, “Star Wars” is one of the best-performing cinema franchises of all time.

The European Premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” at the Royal Albert Hall. Photo by Gareth Cattermole/ Getty Images for Disney.

As of spring 2017, ahead of the latest release, the franchise had grossed over $7.5 Billion dollars worldwide in box office receipts alone. This doesn’t include auxiliary merchandise like T-shirts, volumes, household goods, or collectibles. One research group calculated “Star Wars” plaything marketings totaled virtually $760 million. So this is more than a film or simply amusement, this is a true economic powerhouse.

As our population shiftings and demographics change, it would be economically prudent to represent and include resulting characters from as many backgrounds as possible. And with an entire galaxy of material to mine from and generate, the opportunities are endless.

So before you next step back in time to a galaxy far, far, away, consider who you see and who you don’t.

Watch who gets to speak and who doesn’t. Who gets to have an emotional arc and who lives and dies in the background. And if you’re not satisfied with everything you ensure and hear, be a “force” for good and create your voice.

Photo by Miguel Schincariol/ AFP/ Getty Images.

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