This Is What Being An Independent Woman Means Because Its More Than Making Money

Unsplash/ Autri Taheri

Being an independent female means you are able to pay for your half of the check. It means you are able to afford the rent and shop for groceries with your own paycheck. It means you can take care of yourself. But that’s not the only thing it means.

Being an independent woman means you speak your intellect. You call people out when they begin treating you like shit, even if that means you’ll risk being called or or. When someone disrespects you, you don’t let them get away with it, because you know what you deserve.

Being an independent girl means you support other women. You don’t view them as your competition. You don’t judge them based on what they are wearing or what career they are pursuing. You hand them tampons in bathrooms. You compliment their hair. You help them get home safely. You treat other women as your teammates.

Being an independent girl means you put yourself first. You aren’t afraid of choosing the selfish alternative. You would never sacrifice your dreams, your happiness, or your sanity in order to stay in a relationship. You realise there are certain things that matter more than love.

Being an independent woman means you never keep toxic people in your world for long. You cut them out as soon as possible, because you know you are strong enough to survive without them. You don’t need their negativity weighing you down. You don’t need to make living more stressful than it already is.

Being an independent woman means you are comfy doing things on your own. You are able to sleep alone. Eat alone. Live alone. You don’t need someone to coddle you, teach you, protect you. You can protect yourself.

Being an independent woman means you work your ass off. You clean the house. You attain dinners. You make money. You follow your passions. You don’t care what anyone else has to say about you, because you are proud of yourself for chasing after your wildest dreams.

Being an independent girl means you are comfy within the walls of your skin. Maybe you step out of the house in sweats or maybe you prefer skintight skirts, but either way, you feel confident wearing them. You love yourself and love your body, because it does so much for you.

Even when you are an independent woman, there will still be days when “youre feeling” lonely. There will still be times when you wish you were in a relationship as you are sick of the single life. And there is wrong with that.

You can be in a caring relationship be an independent girl. You can ask for help be an independent female. You can feel insecure on certain days be an independent female. You can daydream about get married and having newborns be an independent woman.

Your independence doesn’t depend on your relationship status. It depends on your strength. On your energy. On how much you accomplish in a day.

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