For this man, makeup isn’t just a hobby. It’s an identity.

“I’m definitely really comfortable in my scalp, ” Kody says. But a few years ago, that wasn’t the case.

When Kody was in high school, he hadn’t yet come out as gay. He was young and still figuring out who he was.

“I wanted to fit in, ” he says. “I wanted to be just like everyone else.”

All photos by L’Oreal Dermablend.

He struggled with his identity, trying to reconcile who he knew he was and who he wanted to be. It wasn’t until he accepted himself that he was able to begin moving forward.

“I came out when I was 19, ” Kody says. “It was scaring. I was so afraid of what people would think.” But once he took the leaping, he realized that he was free. “You unlock the door, and now you can live your life and carried the way you feel.”

Free to start carrying himself without disgrace, Kody began to explore. He found his passion somewhere unexpected: in makeup.

“Once I discovered makeup and once I discovered I was good at it, I started to feel more comfortable about who I am, ” Kody explains. Makeup dedicated Kody an opportunity to show off his personality in a more visual style, as a sort of art and expression.

Now as a professional makeup artist, Kody uses Dermablend on all his clients, from those with “perfect” skin to those with a skin condition.

He loves it because it improves the appearance of one’s complexion without feeling like a lot of makeup. Dermablend also boasts high-performance pigments which permit the foundation and concealer to encompas any skin condition. So no matter who Kody’s applying makeup to, the end result is flawless.

Kody said that he hoped, with his help, many more people will embrace who they are because they eventually feel comfortable in their own skin.

“All you have to do is just be yourself, and if you do want to wear makeup, the choice is all up to you.”

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