Sick of picture-perfect social media posts, a mom got real about the chaos of parenting.

Every parent has been there.

The sink is overflowing with dishes. Legos encompassed the entire floor, piercing your foot every time you take a step. And you suddenly realize that you’ve constructed the children chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese five nights in a row.

Every parent has moments where it all seems to be spinning out of control.

But this isn’t momentary chaos. It doesn’t mean everything is unraveling. Turns out this might just has become a normal part of parenting.

Mom and blogger Danielle Silverstein lately made an “admission” on Facebook: “I truly AM a hot-mess mom.”

The post, on her page called Where the Eff is My Handbook ?, detailed a seemingly never-ending list of the ways in which her household is in utter shambles.

“Never once have I thought to myself, ‘OMG, I suppose I’m actually tackling this whole parenthood thing, ‘” she wrote.

She continued πŸ˜› TAGEND

“I am that mama who doesn’t do dishes at night before I go to bed. I do dishes when I get around to doing dishes.

I’m that mom who grabs her kids’ clothes out of the dryer in the morning because nothing is folded and put away.

I’m that mom who forgets to send in kinds and get calls reminding me that, yes, I need to send in those forms.

I’m that mama who forgets to RSVP and gets a last minute text asking if my child is coming to the party.

I’m that mommy who packs a crazy, one-food-group lunch because I haven’t gotten around to running food shopping.

I’m that mom who lets her kids have endless screen period sometimes( ok, more than sometimes) simply because I don’t feel like struggle and need to get a few things done.”

You can read the entire hilarious and all-too-familiar post below πŸ˜› TAGEND

Ok, full disclosure: I genuinely AM a hot-mess mom.

I am consistently five steps behind where I should be in the world of…

Posted by Where The Eff Is My Handbook on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Near the end of the now super-viral post, Silverstein reaches an important realization.

“Do I think I’m a good mom? Yeah, I really do. But I don’t have it all together by any stretch of the imagination, ” she writes. “And that’s ok, I’m realizing.”

Because, despite the overflowing sink and the overdue paperwork, creating happy, healthy kids is what it’s genuinely all about πŸ˜› TAGEND

“I’m also that mama whose children are safe.

I’m also that mom whose kids are, for the most component, happy.

I’m also that mom whose home has lots of love and laughter.

I’m also that mommy who cheers on her kids and is their biggest fan.

I’m also that mom who is constantly working to show her children they are accepted no matter what.

I’m also that mama who takes her kids to do cool stuff and have great experiences.

I’m also that mommy who loves being a mom.”

The post has racked up thousands of shares and remarks from other mothers who want to say, “YES! THANK YOU! “

The truth is that it’s never been harder to be a mother. All the usual stuff is still there — the dirty diapers, the tantrums, the picky eaters — but in persons under the age of social media, when every other parent seems is thoroughly nailing it, the pressure to be “perfect” has never been higher.

Silverstein says enough is enough.

“We don’t deserve to feel down on ourselves, ” she writes in a Facebook message. “We deserve to feel celebrated. Our task is damn hard.”

( That’s not an excuse to not try, never feed your kids a single vegetable, or let them get away with whatever they want! But if you have some off-days, you’re forgiven .)

We need less carefully filtered Instagrams and more brutal franknes. Silverstein’s post was a much-needed rallying cry for mamas she calls “hot mess, ” but in reality are just overworked and under-appreciated.

So let’s all raise a glass( or a haphazardly washed sippy cup) to all the mothers out there barely holding it together. This one’s for you .

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