Naked driver slams into daycare center, flips car, police say

A naked driver crashed into a daycare centre, hit a tree, rolled her automobile, then had to be subdued by police with a stun gun, authorities said.

The suspect, identified as Malina Churchill, 44, allegedly crashed into the Stay-n-Play Day Care Center in Putnam County, Fla ., on Thursday evening, Fox 30 reported.

Becky Cox, owned of the business, told the station she received a call from her alarm company , apprise her that a “burglary” was in process. One of her employees who lives near the daycare centre went to investigate and told Cox “the wall’s gone.”

After crashing into the daycare center, the driver reached a palm tree about 4 miles away and flipped the car, witnesses told the station.

As the suspect exited the car, she was reportedly naked, and had to be subdued with a stun firearm. She was then intubated and transported to a local hospital.

The daycare center was closed Friday so workers could clean up the mess. Churchill faces multiple charges when she is released from the hospital, authorities said.

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