A fiery rant about workplace etiquette during flu season is going … viral.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett has a problem with how we are dealing with flu season in the U.S.

During a recent taping of his podcast, “Lovett or Leave It, ” Lovett touched on a topic we’re not actually hearing a whole lot about: the current flu epidemic. The flu — which experts say is the worst in almost a decade and has already racked up a modest body count — is an issue that’s not getting much attention.

Enter Crooked Media co-founder Lovett. He’s fired up about this year’s flu, and we should all should hear him out.( Simply a warn: some NSFW speech .)

If you are sick, do not go to work. This is how you spread germs.

“You show up at work and you’re sick — fuck you, ok? ” he says, bluntly. “If you have a undertaking with paid sick leave and you can work at home, you work at home. If you wake up achy and with a fever, don’t go to the office and see how it goes. You’re going to give people the fucking flu.”

He’s totally right. Staying home from run( or from school) when you’re sick is actually the first thing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates. In fact, they take it a step further, indicating you stay home even if you’re not yet sick, but someone else in your household is.

Other important reminders include covering coughings and sneezings, washing your hands, and wearing a mask if you’re out in public.( Yes, I know it can appear goofy as hell, but it’s for the greater good, people .)

Americans are weird when it comes to work. We’ve been taught to tough it out and that depicting up when we’re sick is an example of being a team player.

It needs to change, and we can start with how we praise children for perfect attendance at school. Going to school or run when you’re sick is actually a profoundly selfish thing to do. Unless you’re Michael Jordan hopping in a period machine to drop 38 points on the Utah Jazz in the 1997 NBA Finals, you need to stay in bed. As only he can, Lovett explains 😛 TAGEND

“You going is about proving you’re the various kinds of person who powers through. It’s not about being a team player, it’s about you, and it’s a weird performance, and people shouldn’t go to work sick. It’s bullshit. It’s treated like, ‘Oh yeah, what a tough person.’ Fuck you. Run home. You are a contagious thing. Your mucous membranes don’t know how much you care about your work. They don’t give a shit.”

It’s time we got with the rest of the world and implemented mandatory paid sick leave.

Many people living paycheck-to-paycheck or running an hourly, low-wage task often don’t have the ability to call in sick. Many countries — the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, and many, many more — mandate that employers offer their workers paid time off for sickness, but not here in the U.S .

The CDC( funded by the federal government) recommends that individuals do something that the federal government won’t act on. If the government find public health issues as a true priority, they’d enact policies that would allow people — especially hourly employees, some of whom might be handling your food — to take time off when they need it. A few nations have taken it upon themselves to necessitate companies to offer paid time off, and several companies have decided it’s a benefit worth offering all employees, but Congress should pass a bill making it a requirement nationwide.

“We never cover cause and consequence, ” Lovett says, referring to why a wealthy country like the U.S. get hammered by illness year after year. “We never talk about the system.”

Watch Lovett’s inspired, fiery ranting below.

For more information on what you can do to help prevent the spread of the influenza, visit the CDC’s website( and, seriously, get a flu shoot ).