2 teenagers sentenced in baseball bat beating of Wichita man

Two teens were each sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison for beating a human with a baseball bat and stealing about $20, two handguns and some food.

The man, Horace Johnson, was beaten in May in his Wichita home and remains in a coma. Police say a relative detect him unconscious on the floor, likely two days after he was attacked.

The family went to the home after police discovered Johnson’s car abandoned and couldn’t reach him.

District Attorney Marc Bennett says 16 -year-old Jalen Oliver and 17 -year-old Matthew Florez-Duran violated into Johnson’s home, robbed him and beat him in the head with the bat several times.

The adolescents were prosecuted as adults for attempted first-degree murder.

Florez-Duran was sentenced Wednesday. Oliver was sentenced two weeks ago.

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