You Might Die Tomorrow, So Why Not Live Today?

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My friend, Andrea Balt, says” the world needs more creative middle fingers and less polite I’m-sorrys, more art and less apologies, more wild and less tame, more trusting your own intestine and less bullshit excuses for living .”

Speaking of living, did you know that 151,600 people will die today?

Crazy, right?

Every minute, 105 people on the planet pass away.

That’s insane, and some may find that sad, but I see that fact as a nudge not to only exist but to take a few opportunities and slacken dance with danger. I entail, we’re all on our demise beds, so let’s try to live! If you don’t know where to start or how to begin, why not try doing something like this…

Make your pail listing a fuck-it listing and run do every one.

Want to insured the pyramids? Fuck it. Buy the flight!

Want to write a book? Fuck it. Make the time!

Pretend you are worthy until you’re persuaded and if you feel like a damsel in distress, guess what? Fuck it. Be the prince!

Save the day, slay the dragon, learn some Spanish, move to Thailand, live in a vegan monastery and wake at sunrise to walk to waterfalls and meditate until your soul incandescences like a deity damn, hot damn firework show in the sky during a once-in-a-lifetime lunar eclipse in the middle of the night. Fuck it. Now’s the time!

You might succumb tomorrow, so why not live a life?

Quit your job, learn to ride a motorcycle, and book a cruise to Mexico. Become a rodeo buffoon. Eat ice cream for dinner. Cut off all your hair. Do a cartwheel. Go skydiving and try anal sex( but not at the same time ).

Actually, yes, At the same time!

Wear your favorite dress, tell your crush they’re really cute, invite them on a date and tell them this is what you’ll do:
1. Ride a hot air balloon;
2. Eat Ethiopian food;
3. Go to the zoo;
4. Get a tattoo;
5. Build a fort in your living room.

Sign up for night school, buy a puppy, and learn to make a curry. Try not to hasten. Slacken down, savor stillness, has become a badass, start a business.

Use the good china and feed your favorite food. Speak your truth whenever, wherever, and however “youre feeling”. Become the most honest, most vulnerable, most compassionate person you know.

Join a gym, get real fit, and let today be the day you stop taking shit! Stop biting your tongue, kick your spouse out of the house, and tell a bully to suck a bucket of dicks. Be brave. Fight back. Stand up for yourself and defend your damn dreams!

Build permanent watchtowers on the boundaries of your heart, and let your snipers stop the tyrants that trespass on your worth.

Remember: You might succumb tomorrow, so why not live today?

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