Dozens of sports cars worth millions found in public garage, but where is it?

There’s an automotive mystery in Memphs.

Portrait photographer and Redditor philsebbens was poking around in an office house parking deck when he came across a surprising find.

There is over a million dollars worth of cars in this photo alone. ( Ragaire Photography)

On the top floor, a few above what’s open to the public, he discovered over two dozen dusty classic and high performance sports cars that are worth millions of dollars combined.

A 1958 Chevrolet Impala is one of a few American classics among the exotics. ( Ragaire Photography)

Among them are several rarities, including got a couple of Ferrari Speciales, Lamborghinis and even a fairly mint-looking 1958 Chevrolet Impala.

( Ragaire Photography)

The lone hot rod has flames, of course.

This Chevrolet Chevelle SS is pure American muscle. ( Ragaire Photography)

He said in a post that the building has security cameras, but he was able to stroll right in.

Even in a place like this you’ll find someone who can’t park. ( Ragaire Photography)

What he won’t say is exactly where it is.

This Plymouth Prowler Tuxedo Edition probably cleans up real nice like. ( Ragaire Photography)

That hasn’t stopped others from was published address, but we’re not going to ruin the fun.

All of the ponies park in their own corral. ( Ragaire Photography)

That’s what Google is for.

Only 250 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradales were imported under North America. ( Ragaire Photography)

As for who they are all part of, one comment on the post claims the cars are the property of the Hines Race Team, an attire whose website is down right now because it’s exceeded its bandwidth, likely because of all of the attention it’s get from the pics.

Don’t worry, the dust likely hasn’t been there that long. ( Ragaire Photography)

Anyone saddened by the idea of so many great autoes sitting around apparently unused can find consolation in another commentary from someone who says that they know the owner personally and that he drives a different one every day.

It’s only that there are so many, they get dirty while they wait their turn.

Tough life.

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