Screw The Boys Who Pick And Choose When To Answer Your Texts

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Relationships are supposed to be reliable. Dependable. Consistent.

Unpredictability and mystery might be sexy at first, but the allure of mixed signals dies down fast.

You don’t want your expectations to rise every time you hear a notification voice and have them drop the second you check the screen because — of course — it’s not him. It’s your best friend or your mother or your phone company offering you a deal.

In the beginning, the hurry of butterflies you get every time he actually text back attains the waiting worth it. You can’t remain mad at him for ignoring you three days in a row, because you are too busy being excited bout the fact that he finally answered. That he’s in the mood to talk to you. That he recollects you exist.

Instead of calling him out for running MIA, you treat him even than before, because you’re trying to convince him to stick around this time. You’re hoping he won’t pull a vanishing act twice in a row. You’re hoping if you’re charming enough, funny enough, hot enough, that he will behave differently this time.

But you are fooling yourself. You are merely promoting his bullshit behavior. You’re making him think it’s okay when he ignores you, because you never get mad. You never even bring it up. You act like nothing happened and continue to treat him the same, because you are too afraid of losing him to speak up to him.

He keeps picking and opting when to respond to your text, because he knows that no matter what time of night he sends a message, he’s going to get a reply. He knows you will never make him wait the style he maintains inducing you wait, and that builds him feel powerful. That is why he will never stop swiveling between answering your text at lightening speed and awaiting a week to acknowledge that you texted.

You can tell a lot about a son by the way he treats you over text. You don’t want a relationship where you are constantly questioning what you mean to him. Where you are always guessing whether he is going to treat you as a priority or a second choice on any devoted day.

You want someone who is going to reply to your texts as soon as they get the chance to answer. Person who only builds you await when there is no other selection. Person who looks forward to talking to you, whether it is over the phone or face-to-face, because you make their day brighter.

The right person will put in effort, even when it comes to something as seemingly small as texting. They will never induce “youre feeling” neglected, because you will always be the main thing on their mind.

Never be borne in mind that you deserve attention. You deserve to be seen. You deserve an answer to a damn text.

If he can’t even give you that much, then he is not worth another second of your time.

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