The Brutally Honest Reason You Cant Hold Onto Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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March 21 st- April 19 th

As an Aries, you are an extremist by nature. You are super passionate and intense, and you sure aren’t afraid to show it. When dating someone new, it’s easy for you to come across as being “too much” at times. The person you are dating is likely unaware of your passionate nature, so they misinterpret this intensity as being a bit neurotic, which could likely turn them off completely. You’re an” all or nothing” type of person in all aspects of life, and that surely includes romance.


April 20 th- May 20 th

You can’t seem to communicate your thoughts properly. You have so much to say, but no notion how to actually go about saying it. And more often than not, to you, communication translates to scream and hollering or not speaking a single word. It’s one or the other for you. You deeply struggle with receiving a healthy means of communication with your significant other and it often will set a major strain on your relationship.

Gemin i

May 21 st- June 20 th

As a Gemini, you are constantly second guessing everything in your life. And that even includes yourself. In a relationship, you tend to go into a little bit of an identity crisis. You lose yourself in the midst of holding a relationship together, and you start to resent yourself for it. You often project those deep insecurities onto your partner, constructing them feel uneasy about who you really are.


June 21 st- July 22 nd

Your warm, inviting heart is your best and worst asset, Cancer. It’s so easy for you to overreact to even the littlest, unimportant things. This usually is what turns your partner off from you. You’re highly emotional and tend to feel things very deeply, there’s no denying that. You are a passionate lover by nature, which is a beautiful thing, but too much passion right away can be overwhelming to others who don’t understand that passion. It drives them away.

L eo

July 23 rd- August 22 nd

As a Leo, your ego is get in your route, once again. You have a difficult time letting go of things or moving on from certain situations that have occurred. If person does something to turn you off from them, it is nearly impossible for you to recover from those feelings. You are quick to immediately write them off and then you’re already onto the next victim. You often don’t give people a legitimate and fighting chance to prove themselves to you.


August 23 rd- September 22 nd

You are a perfectionist by nature, Virgo. You expect a lot from your potential partner. You expect them to be perfect in every style possible, and you won’t settle for anything less. The minor and most insignificant details about someone will keep you from getting to know them on a deeper level. It’s no secret that you want the best of the best, so when someone doesn’t portray to be only that, you’re not into it. Virgo, you tend to forget that perfection, in fact, does not exist … And someone might just be absolutely imperfect for you.


September 23 rd- October 22 nd

As a Libra, you are far too focused on finding someone who that hits all the points on your checklist of the perfect lover. You’ve acquired a certain “type” of person that you tend to always go for over the years, and it’s become extremely difficult for you to step away from that. Often period you won’t even take the time to get to know anyone who doesn’t fit that exact form, and in return, you push away some really great people. The Libra likes to stick to the status quo, and anything other than that isn’t really worthy of your time.


October 23 rd- November 21 st

You have an undying habit of rushing things in a relationship, which drives your partner away. The Scorpio loves the idea of being in love so much that the instant it enters their life, they will cling to it. You urgently want things to work out so badly that you wind up ruining things before they ever have the chance to start. You want your partner to commit the same route you do, and if you feel like they are not, you are quick to lose your shit and immediately freak out.


November 22 nd- December 21 st

For a Sagittarius, the concept of commitment frightens the shit out of you. The thought of being tied down to person or persons for the rest of your life genuinely makes your skin creeping. You are used to living for yourself and yourself only. And the idea of having to fit another person into those schemes does not interest you in the slightest bit. You want to live your life to the absolute fullest, without having to worry about someone else. To be completely honest, a relationship isn’t really on the top of your to-do listing right now. You want to keep investigating yourself instead.


December 22 nd- January 19 th

You have a hard time expressing yourself when you fulfill new people. You will often hide away in your shell and it may cause you to come off as being bearing or snobby. Nobody truly gets the chance to get to know the real you because you won’t allow them to. You come off as being quiet, unemotional, and straight up bland in a relationship. It causes your partner to get bored or uninterested and is quickly on. You merely can’t seem to hold someone’s interest for long because you can’t open your true ego up to them.


January 20 th- February 18 th

Even when you have strong feelings towards someone, you like to play it off cool and casual. You’re all about the casual dating scene and use the” no strings attached” approach. But, deep down, the Aquarius craves something real, but will never let those feelings be known. You come across as detached and unemotional. Which, ironically is the complete opposite of how you actually feel.


February 19 th- March 20 th

As a Pisces, you are far too picky for your own good. The smallest attribute about someone can altogether change your feelings about them. You’ve gazed through dozens of prospective partners, but a very number of them have been able to fit your unrealistic criteria. Because in your mind, you’d rather left alone than settle for someone who doesn’t fit your starry-eyed expectations.

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