Court rejects appeal in murder of teen girlfriend’s mother

A Pennsylvania appeals court on Monday upheld the life-without-parole sentence imposed on a soldier in his 20 s who was convicted of killing his then-1 4-year-old girlfriend’s mother because she disapproved of their relationship. reported the Superior Court panel rejected the appeal by El Paso, Texas, resident Caleb Barnes, 23, in Cheryl Silvonek’s 2015 killing.

Barnes was 20 when Silvonek was killed. The Fort Meade, Maryland, soldier argued his statements to police should have been repressed because he was under duress, but the court said police never tried to intimidate him and he never sought a lawyer or an objective to the interrogation.

The panel also received no fault with evidence from girlfriend Jamie Silvonek and a friend of hers who reported overhearing her and Barnes talking about killing her parents.

Authorities said Barnes stabbed the main victims in her car after Barnes, Cheryl Silvonek and Jamie Silvonek returned home from a concert. Attorneys said she had threatened to report him to police for having sex with her underage daughter.

Jamie Silvonek pleaded guilty earlier this year and is serving 35 years to life. She witnessed at Barnes’ trial that she plotted the murder and urged her boyfriend, in a series of texts, to carry it out.

Jurors convicted Barnes of first-degree assassination, rejecting his argument at trial that the girl killed her mom and he only helped dispose of the body subsequently because the teen said she was pregnant.

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