Facebooks U.S. user count declines as it prioritizes well-being

Facebook is putting its short-term money where its mouth is, reducing the presence of viral videos in an effort to boost well-being of users of its site. In Facebook’s Q4 2017 earnings report today CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that “Already last quarter, we constructed changes to show fewer viral videos to make sure people’s hour is well spent. In total, we made changes that reduced time spent on Facebook by approximately 50 million hours every day.”

That’s a reduction of roughly 2.14 minutes per day per user, given that Facebook has 1.4 billion users now. Zuckerberg subsequently said that’s a reduction of total time spent on Facebook by 5 percent.

This presented up as a reduction from 185 million to 184 million daily active users in the US& Canada region. That’s the first time Facebook’s ever reported a user counting decline in any market, and it’s in the one where it earns the most from ads. Facebook earned an average revenue per user of $26.76 in the region compared to a global median of $6.18.