A viral video about one gun owner’s response to Parkland comes with a powerful message.

Scott Pappalardo loves handguns and his right to own them so much that he has the Second Amendment tattooed on his body — but now he’s having a a change of heart.

In a video , now find more than 17 million times, New York-based Pappalardo discusses why he felt a moral responsibility to get rid of his AR-1 5, a gun he’s had for more than 30 years. He talks about how after the Sandy Hook massacre, he would have gladly traded in his weapon if it meant saving even one life and how the lack of action taken by both himself and the government built him feel as though like he needed to do something — now.

“I guess my terms[ after Sandy Hook] were just empty words in the spur of the moment and now here “weve been”, 17 more lives lost, ” he says, referencing the recent Florida school massacre.

He decided to not only get rid of his AR-1 5, but to ensure that it could never be used to take someone’s life.

“I’ve decided today, I’m going to make sure this weapon will never be able to take a life. The barrel of this handgun will never be pointed at someone. I entail, think about it. Is the human rights of own this weapon more important than someone’s life? ” he says before taking a power saw to the firearm, effectively destroying it.

Sure, he could have probably gotten $600 to $800, he estimates, for his firearm. It’s even likely the purchaser would have been a responsible gun owner, like he was. Still, there was the off opportunity that his weapon could find its route into the hands of a child or someone set on committing a crime, and he didn’t want to have that on his conscience.

Pappalardo captioned the video, “My drop in a very large pail #oneless. “