28 One-Sentence Tough Love Reminders Every 20-Something Needs To Hear Right Now

God& Man

1. Chasing people who do not want to be caught is a fool’s race.

2. Other people genuinely aren’t thinking about you that much, so stop worrying so much about what’s going on in their minds; they’re more focused on themselves.

3. No one is ever obligated to love you.

4. Life is genuinely fucking difficult and messy and heartbreaking but it’s also the only thing we really have, so you’re gonna have to give it your all anyway.

5. Sometimes, hard work will not get you what you want but that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from it.

6. Merely are responsible for the way you react to things.

7. More often than not you in control of the things you’re unhappy about, so quit bitching and build the changes you need to be happier.

8. Gossip is lazy, talking here something that actually matters.

9. The world isn’t against you, so stop acting like it is.

10. Who you are when no one is looking says a whole hell of a lot more about you than when all eyes are on you.

11. It’s okay and human to stimulate mistakes, however, it’s okay to never self-reflect and figure out how to remedy those incorrects or at the least get it right next time.

12. Not everyone is going to approve of your decisions, but if it feels right to you then that’s the only thing that really matters.

13. Opposing change is a waste of your limited energy, so figure out how to work with it.

14. Venting is perfectly okay, but if you get to the point where all you’re doing is complaining and have literally zero intention of taking action, then you’re not only wasting your time but also the time of the person who’s listening to your bullshit.

15. It’s not cute to be irresponsible, it’s foolish; grow up and do what you need to do to be a functioning is part of society.

16. You are wrong a lot more than you’re probably realizing.

17. It’s okayto ask for help, but there’s also value in trying to go it alone every now and then.

18. Not everything happens for a reason, sometimes shit simply sucks and you’re going to need to learn to accept it anyway.

19. Sorry, but not everyone who couldn’t love you is a dork, it’s just how life runs most of the time.

20. Even if you’re not where you want to be in life, you can still find ways to work with what you have; gratitude goes a long way.

21. If you’re wondering if someone else cares about you or not, it’s probably because they don’t.

22. Hanging on to should-have-beens or should-bes will do nothing but construct you miserable.

23. Never letting anyone closer doesn’t stimulate you strong and self-sufficient, it induces you scared and lonely.

24. Subscribing to an “” mindset is a race you’ll always lose.

25. Most of the things you waste your time are concerned about never actually happen.

26. Excuses rarely excuse whatever it is you’re trying to make up for.

27. Forgiveness without receiving an apology first is incredibly difficult, but also incredibly important for growth and self-love.

28. You are your biggest problem but you are also your best opportunity.

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