You Are Going To Be Okay, Even If You Are Completely Alone

Unsplash/ Pietro Tebaldi

You are going to be okay, even if you feel like you are doing this alone. You do not require friends or family to reach into the abyss and pull you back to earth. You are strong enough to climb out on your own.

You are going to make it. You have all of appropriate tools you need hidden within yourself.

The next time you feel like you have no one to text about your problems , no one to soothe you down when you’re crying, remember that you can handle the pain on your own. You can dry your own tears. You can pace your own breathing.

You have enough strength to survive without a boyfriend or a best friend or even a family member who actually give a shit. The opportunities are that you are more loved than you realize, but if you feel alone, know that you can still do this.

If you laugh at the idea of being called strong, think about the fact that you are still here, living life on this ground even though it has been nothing but hell for you. You are strong for breathing. Strong for existing. Strong for inducing it through your loneliest moments, your most embarrassing moments, the moments when you felt like you wanted to die.

You are doing better than you think you are. You aren’t as big of a fuck up as your brain has been telling you.

One day, you will realize how beautiful you are. How talented. How intelligent. How valuable. One day, you are able to redefine your worth. You will stop hating the world and start loving yourself.

If you can afford therapy, attend a session. If you have any coworkers or roommates or even a teacher who cares about you, don’t be embarrassed to open up to them about your problems. They will be more understanding than you’d guess. They will listen — and sometimes that is all you need.

But if you feel like you are all alone, if you feel like there isn’t another spirit in this universe who can help you, then you should work on helping

You are not helpless. You might feel like you are, but you have a power hidden within you.

You get through this.

Things get better.

You find happiness again.

You are going to be okay, even if you feel like you are completely alone. Even if you feel like no one else notices how much you are struggling. Even if you feel like no one devotes a shit.

The truth is, someone cares. I care. Everyone reading this cares.

If that doesn’t convince you, if you still feel alone, that is okay. You are still going to be able to get through this on your own. You are still going to find a way to survive, because that’s what you are. A survivor.

You are strong enough to keep going. You actually are. Don’t you doubt that for a second.

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