The Most Powerful Women Are Always The Ones You Dont See Coming

Jeff Isy

The most powerful females aren’t always the ones who seem overtly bold or assertive, though they certainly can be. They aren’t always the women stepping on toes to get what they want( though getting what they want is part of the scheme ). They aren’t always the ones that are the loudest- though creating their voices does become necessary so they can be heard.

The most powerful females are always the ones you don’t see coming.

The ones that build empires while others sleep. The ones who plan their comeback meticulously and quietly, behind the scenes. The ones who appear to be lambs, but emerge as the lions. These females are always underestimated, but they’re really the ones who have been in control all along- because they have self-control. Their they are able to self-validate does not depend on the approval of others.

These girls is a possibility browbeaten, bullied, dishonor, criticized, disempowered in many ways, by many different people- but one thing they all have in common is their ability to rise again from the ashes of their adversity.

Truly powerful females don’t wait around for people to give them permission to resurrect themselves. Crucify them or burn them at the stake and they will do what comes naturally- they will be reborn, each and every time .

They have an inner guidance brimming from their eyes, an inner flame in their bones and an unshakeable faith that can seem startling to those who depend on external institutions and systems to get ahead.

They don’t have to engage in sneaky maneuvers or covert tactics to one-up anyone. They let karma to unfold without batting an eye, all while refocusing on their own lives and progress. They know their merely competitor is their past self; they know that their aspirations and authenticity will pave a track for them that is unable to be replicated by con artists or copycats.

These females are original in their own right. They cannot be bought, sold or recreated. They have ownership over every facet of their existence. They possess a strong sense of self-mastery, an appreciation and acceptance of what induces them different and unique. While others are busy censoring themselves and catering to others, powerful women are not afraid to walk alone if it entails remaining true to who they actually are.

While others believe they can tap into achievement by following the rules to the tee, these women know they are at their bravest when they listen to their own gut instincts rather than the dark voices of society. Their intuition and talent allows them to transcend whatever limitations others impose on themselves with terrifying ease. Since the only authority they listen to is their own inner authority, they can continue to surpass man-made barriers.

Their success comes as a surprise to anyone who has ever underestimated them. But people forget: the ones who are forged by flame will always be able to recreate it to kindle their triumph.

When toxic people try to latch on and feed upon these women, they will always get burned in the process. Powerful girls are the harbingers of truth, of change. They naturally uncover the darkness in others by standing securely in their own light .

The ones who are birthed by chaos are always the bearers of revolution.

Their victories stand alone, on their own terms, because they were created by the magic of these women- their blood, their sweat, their tears, their resilience.

Feel free to underestimate these powerful women. It will cause them to rise higher than you could have ever dreamed .

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