Azios Retro Classic typewriter-inspired Bluetooth keyboard is a luxurious treat

Maybe you’re sitting at a MacBook or other modern PC right now, typing away in near silence on a keyboard that offer no real fulfilling response to your human thumbs. Maybe, once in the distant past, you recollect when keyboards offered something in return: A “click clack” that stood as an auditory proof of productivity.

If you miss that and want it back, the new Azio Luxury Retro Classic keyboard with Bluetooth is a fantastic option, and one that’s relatively affordable compared to some of the more extravagant typewriter-inspired keyboards out there- but with all of the same charm, and a mechanical typing action that you’ll love if you’re a fan of genuinely pounding those keys.

The $ 219.99 ($ 189.99 if you don’t need wireless connectivity) accessory comes with a lot in the box you won’t get from comparably priced premium keyboards, including replaceable keycaps for both Mac and PC, as well as backlighting, and genuine metal, wood and leather finished surfaces. The wireless version works in both wired and Bluetooth configurations, and the 6,000 mAh battery on board can last for up to two months between charges.

The keyboard use USB-C for charging, with a cable included( braided , no less) and it just works out of the box with both macOS and Windows thanks to the convenient mode switching at the back and the aforementioned interchangeable key caps( no tools involved, either- only pull them off and push on the replacings .)










azio-retro-classic-bt-1 0


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