This Is When Shell Leave You And Never Look Back

Jesse Herzog

She’ll leave you when she’s ultimately had enough. She’ll leave the false promises for the hard, acidic truth. She’ll swallow the bitter reality pill rather than another one of your saccharine falsehoods. She’ll leave you when she’s “ve had enough” of your candy-coated compliments, handed out as treats to placate her, to build her bide every time she tries to leave.

She’ll leave when she realizes the life that awaits her is more promising than any life you could’ve devoted her. That any craving she had to you isn’t worth another hitting that might kill her.

She knows that when she leaves you, she has to leave for good. No more tolerating your crocodile tears the next morning, after another night leaving her weeping alone. No more cruel “jokes” told at her expenditure. No more cutting jabs in front of her loved ones. No more harsh insults , no more sabotage , no more of your petty bitternes constructing her feel small in the realms where she shines.

No more enduring demise by hundreds of thousands of cuts, just so no one ensure the scars.

No more dimming her sun. No more tiny disloyalties or grand sins; no more indiscretions, flirtations or affairs. No more being humiliated, bullied, belittled behind closed doors. No more being abandoned out in the open, ridiculed in public. No more being told she’s not sufficient, in a million different ways. No more insidious mind games.

She’ll leave you when she knows day is running out. Day to heal, to create a life outside of you. Time to find herself and someone who deserves her.

You always acted like you were on the lookout for something better, but now she wants to reclaim the time she still has left- to do better and to be better, because she knows someone better will come along.

Such valuable hour she’s wasted on trying to attain you magically morph into a decent human being. Years or months of trying to get you to see that she’s worthy, that she never deserved to be treated like this- all down the drain and “nothing” to indicate for it- except for her renewed strength.

The loss of her innocence- and her naivete. The birth of wisdom- of freedom, of freedom. The renewal of her identity. Actually, come to think of it, you’re the one with everything to lose. She, in turn, will gain everything.

The thing about women who overthink, overcompensate, overexert their efforts is that they all eventually have an awakening. They all eventually realize what they deserve.

When they eventually stroll, they walk away for good. They know they did all they could to save the man who never existed in the first place.

When she strolled away, trust her when she tells you that you won’t hear from her again. Because all the times she tried to speak, you stillness her or devoted her the silent treatment. All those periods she tried to get you to have a breakthrough, you violated her down and constructed her feel like the weak one. All those days you brought in the threat of other women, you taught her how to forget her own irreplaceability.

You tried to stimulate her forget she was magical .

The truth is, she was the powerful one all along. When you beg her to come back, she’ll be scheming her comeback- and you’ll never see it coming.

The truth is, when she eventually leaves you, you’ll realise it’s not only that she never actually knew you.

You never genuinely knew her either and what she was capable of.

You never realise, did you? That she had as much power to go as she used to stay.

But when she leaves, you’ll feel it. Her stillnes will move worlds. It will speak more volumes and truth than the words that have passed your lips your entire lifetime .

She’ll leave you when she realise you were never the remedy – you were the poison all along.

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