Lost cities of the world

The most intriguing abandoned settlements, from ancient ruinings to modern ghost towns

Angamuco, Mexico

Last week laser scanning revealed the true scale of the ancient city of Angamuco in western Mexico. The city, built around AD900, is thought to have had 100,000 residents and included pyramids, road systems, vegetable gardens and ball courts. It was a major centre for the Purepecha people, challengers to the Aztecs. Both cultures collapsed in the 16 th century when Europeans introduced typhoid-like illness to which they had no immunity.

Gedi: the settlement had working water and flushing toilets. Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

Gedi, Kenya

Located on the Indian Ocean coast, 65 miles north of Mombasa among verdant woods, these agreements is thought to have been founded in the 12 th century. Gedi had advanced features such as operating water and flushing lavatories. Archaeologists have found Ming Chinese vases and Venetian glass on the site, indicating it was an important trading centre. Its abandonment five centuries subsequently remains a mystery.

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