Jesse Jackson Jr. seeks to unload $2M house amid unemployed wife’s lifestyle: report

Embattled former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is asking a judge to let the sale of the$ 2 million home where his estranged wife lives, saying he can no longer afford to subsistence her lifestyle.

Recent court filings amid their divorce example assert Jackson Jr. is forking out $5,100 a month in alimony, school fees and voluntary payments to his children while Sandra Jackson refuses to pay the mortgage.

She opposes the sale of the property, according to the court filing.

Jackson Jr ., who served time in prison for misusing campaign monies, was said last year to be $1.8 million in debt, with legal costs over their divorce merely adding to the burden.

He draws $ 125,000 in taxpayer-funded annual workers’ compensation and disability pays and lives in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Sandra Jackson, who also served time in prison, lives in the separated couple’s Washington , D.C ., home with their 14 -year-old son and 17 -year-old daughter, as well as her mother.

“Sandra is currently unemployed and has refused to obtain employment to financially contribute to the parties’ expenses or make efforts at becoming self-supporting, ” read the filing to a Washington , D.C. court filing.

“Sandra is currently unemployed and has refused to obtain employment to financially contribute to the parties’ expenditures or make efforts at becoming self-supporting.”

– Court filing

It says a second mortgage on the house is long overdue and Jackson Jr. “is receiving weekly calls from the lender” about a possible foreclosure.

The teenagers could temporarily move into another D.C. home owned by their grandfather, Jesse Jackson Sr ., lawyers for Jackson Jr. said in the filing.

Jesse Jackson Jr. outside court during the trial in 2013 over his use of campaign funding for personal spending. ( AP)


The Jacksons served federal prison time after use Jackson Jr.’s campaign money for personal spending. In 2013, Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty to one felony fraud counting in matters relating to his use of $750,000 in campaign money to pay for a spending spree, including vacations, luxury goods, celebrity memorabilia and other items, the New York Times reported.

“For years I lived off my campaign, ” Jackson said in tribunal in 2013. “I utilized fund I shouldn’t have used for personal purposes.”

Sandra Jackson also pleaded guilty the same year to a charge that she filed fabricated income tax statements while her then-husband was use the campaign funds.

Jackson Jr.’s lawyer Brendan Hammer told the Tribune that his client “deeply regrets the necessity of selling the parties’ Washington home, ” but “unfortunately, circumstances now demand it.

“The parties cannot preserve a luxury home and standard of living in 2018 as if this was 2008, ” he added.

The case is set to be heard in court April 13.

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