First the Moon, then Earth: New theory reverses formation story

Earth’s moon formed inside a cloud of molten boulder, and may have done so before our planet itself formed, a new theory suggests.

Scientistscall such a cloud a synestia, a doughnut-shaped ring of debris full of molten rock that forms in the aftermath of a protoplanet crash. In this case, it would have been a massive crash early in our solar system’s history. According to the new hypothesi, the moon formed within a few dozen years after the crash, as the synestia shrank and cooled. The Earth subsequently emerged about 1,000 years after the moon .~ ATAGEND

“The new run explains features of the moon that are hard to resolve with current notions, ” co-author Sarah Stewart, a prof of Earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Davis, said in a statement from the university.[ How the Moon Formed: 5 Wild Theories]

“The moon is chemically almost the same as the Earth, but with some differences, ” she added. “This is the first model that they are able match the pattern of the moon’s composition.”

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