The Way A Cheater Will Love You

Unsplash/ Ronaldo Oliveira

A cheater will love themselves more than they love you. They will selfishly set their wants in front of your needs. They will prioritize else above you. They will stimulate you feel like the backup plan inside of your own relationship.

A cheater will stimulate you feel like you aren’t enough. They will construct you wonder whether you should change the style you dress, the style you talk, the way you think. They will make you unbelievably insecure, even though you haven’t done anything wrong.

A cheater will induce you fight for their affection. You will try your hardest to impress them, to build them smile the style they did in the beginning, but nothing you do will ever be enough for them. You will feel like you’re trapped in a one-sided relationship where you’re doing all the hard work.

A cheater will attain you wonder whether you are delusional. Their narratives won’t add up and when you question them about it, they will deny the differences. They will stimulate you question your own memory, your own sanity.

When you find out the truth, a cheater will apologize for hurting you, even though they aren’t really sorry for running behind your back. They are merely sorry you found out about everything they tried to keep hidden from you. They are merely sorry there is a chance they are going to lose you now that you have seen the them.

A cheater will hurt you again and again if you maintain dedicating them the opportunity. Instead of being thankful for having a second chance with you, they will think you are soft. They will assume you will keep forgiving them if they keep bolt up, so they won’t have incentive to change their behavior. They will slip back into their old styles soon enough.

A cheater will give you trust issues that will follow you into your next relationship. They won’t realize how much pain they are putting you through, because they are too busy focusing on themselves. They are self-obsessed. They might act like they love you, but their actions demonstrate they only care about themselves.

A cheater will convince themselves they aren’t the bad guy. They will find a way to twist the situation inside their heads. They will say they only cheated because you didn’t have sex with them enough or because you didn’t pay enough attention to them. Even though they were the ones who made a mistake, they will find a way to take the attention off themselves and blame you.

A cheater will construct you wonder whether love is worth it. Whether monogamy is real. Whether anyone will stick with you forever or whether they will all get bored eventually.

A cheater will make you think horrible things about yourself, things you don’t deserve to hear, especially from the voices in your own head.

A cheater will not love you the style you were meant to be loved. They will not give you what you were meant to have. They will not live up to your expectations. They will only let you down — again and again — until you make the decision to walk away forever.

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