Nicole Kidman surprises bus full of tourists on her way to the Oscars

Nicole Kidman shocked a bus full of tourists on an Access Hollywood Tour Sunday afternoon as her auto slowly pulled up next to the vehicle. She rolled down her backseat window and waved to the crowd, who collectively echoed, “Oh my gosh! “

“Hi, everyone! ” an enthusiastic Kidman said.

The tourists gasped and waved back at Kidman, who announced she was on her way to get ready for the Oscars red carpet.

“Hi! Oh my goodness, ” one girl screamed back.

“What are you doing on that bus? ” Kidman asked.

“This is my dream come true, ” one female aboard the bus replied. “I loved you in ‘The Hours, ‘” another shouted.

Kidman, whose blonde hair was pulled back with sunglasses on top of her head, assured the screaming fans she had not yet get her hair or makeup done for the big event.

“You’re gorgeous, ” one girl hollered. “You’re so beautiful in person. I love you.” another added.

Kidman giggled and blew several kisses to the group.

“Have a great time, bye-bye! ” Kidman wailed before rolling up her tinted window.

Kidman posted a video of the short exchange on Instagram. It received more than 15,600 likes and nearly 60,000 positions within two hours.

“I love how you built those unsuspecting fans -dream come true! You& your spouse are so giving, big hearts…love you both, ” one fan commented on the post.

“Nicole, you’re such a sweetheart, ” another added.

Kidman directed fans to Vogue Magazine’s Instagram account to see her full transformation for the 90 th annual Academy Awards.

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