West Virginia counties nix spring break after teacher strike

Some district committees of education in West Virginia are canceling springtime break to help make up for nine days of instructional hour lost during the recent educator strike.

Putnam County schools announced Thursday it will use its spring violate April 2 through 6 as five instructional days but will “work with students and their families” who might have vacation schemes. The statement didn’t specify details. The district also will use a professional developing day on March 16 for regular classes.

During the strike last week, the Jackson County Board of Education made a similar decision to cancel springtime break.

West Virginia schools Superintendent Steve Paine stated earlier Thursday that how those makeup days are ascertained is solely up to the state’s 55 county school boards. That can include the option to cancel spring infringe but excuse households with valid vacation plans.

“We have encouraged all districts to seek the ideas of their students, their parents, of community members and others as they figure out how to make up the nine days of instruction, ” Paine said. “We also made very clear to our districts that they need to be very flexible to accommodate the needs of families during this time. It wasn’t the children and their parents who were the cause of this.”

Paine said missed class period also can be made up by adding school days in June or using accrued instructional day from longer school day. According to country statute, schools cannot be in session past June 30.

Gov. Jim Justice has asked county superintendents to be flexible to fulfill the required 180 instructional days. He’s said students “have suffered enough.”

Paine also clarified that educators were paid during the course of its nine-day ten-strike and won’t receive additional compensation for the makeup days.

“They’ll have to work for those nine days that they’ve already been paid, ” he said.

Classes resumed Wednesday after the strike that has been initiated Feb. 22.

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