Qarnot unveils a cryptocurrency heater for your home

French startup Qarnot unveiled a new computing heater specifically stimulated for cryptocurrency mining. You’ve read that right, the QC1 is a heater for your home that features a passive computer inside. And this computer is optimized for mining.

While most people use laptops, back in the golden days of computer towers, you could heat a room with a couple of desktop computer. And hot is still one of the biggest challenges when you’re building a data center. You have to cool thousands of computers that operate 24/7.

Qarnot started thinking about edge calculating for data centers back in 2010. The company has built three generations of computing heaters with multiple CPUs and sold them to construction companies looking for heaters for their new buildings.

At the other aim of the equation, companies such as BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, Air Liquide and Blender rent those servers for their own wants. In other terms, Qarnot has built a decentralized data center.

“We provide computing capability with an extremely hard constraint, which is the heating needs of consumers, ” co-founder and COO Miroslav Sviezeny said in a press conference. That’s why Qarnot can offload some of the computing to traditional data centers. That could be particularly useful for the Summer.

From CPU to GPU

And now, the company is selling its first devices to end users directly. The company thinks it’s the perfect utilize example for cryptocurrency mining. The QC1 features two AMD GPUs( Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 with 8GB of VRAM) and is designed to mine Ethers by default.

You can define it up in a few minutes by plugging an Ethernet cable and putting your Ethereum wallet address in the mobile app. You’ll then gradually receive ethers on this address — Qarnot doesn’t receive any coin, you keep 100 percent of your cryptocurrencies.

QC-1_Gold 2



Qarnot_Q.rad-0 1

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 2

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 3

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 4

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 4b

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 5

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 6

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 7

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 8

Qarnot_Q.rad-0 9

Qarnot_Q.rad-1 0

Qarnot_Q.rad-1 1

Qarnot_Q.rad-1 2

Qarnot_Q.rad-1 3

Qarnot_Q.rad-1 4

Qarnot_Q.rad-1 5


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