Deadly Denver fire prompts calls for workplace safety improvements: report

Federal workplace safety officials launched an investigation into Wednesday’s deadly fire at a building site in Denver, a report said Friday.

Dozens of researchers, including agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, visited the site of the flame in the North Capitol Hill neighborhood, Denver’s Fox 13 reported.

The cause of the flame is still unknown or not yet released.

Two construction workers succumbed, and at least six other people were injured, including one Denver firefighter, research reports said.

More than a dozen construction workers from organized carpenter groups gathered at the site and voiced their concern about dangerous working conditions, the station reported.

“What has happened here is unacceptable, ” said Mark Thompson of Colorado Carpenters. “People need to be held accountable … which takes responsibility and how could this have been avoided.”

“What has happened here is unacceptable. People need to be held accountable … which takes responsibility and how could this have been avoided.”

– Mark Thompson, Colorado Carpenters

Local labor organizers told the Denver Post that there is evidence that at least one subcontractor utilized workers who were paid under the table and not signing daily work logs, making it difficult to account for all the people on site.

“When I approached the foreman for United Builders Service, I asked him how many workers he had on his crew. He looked me straight in the eye and said,’ I don’t know, ’” Thompson said at Friday’s rally. “We pray there are no other employees missing, but how can the professionals be certain without an accurate count to start with? ”

United Builders Service officers declined to respond to the allegation that it paid employees under the table, while the construction site project’s general contractor, Vertix Builders Inc. “ve called the” allegation “patently false” in a statement obtained by the Post.

“We are committed to determining the facts and working with investigators to establish the cause of this incident, ” the statement reads.

Amy Lieu is a news editor and reporter for Fox News.

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