Elizabeth Hurley’s nephew stabbed ‘several’ times by knife in London

Liz Hurley dashed back to Britain on Friday after learning her nephew had been stabbed repeatedly.

The star, 52, flew from the US as model Miles Hurley, 21, was fighting for his life following the attack in a London street.

Model Miles was stabbed in a street in Nine Elms, South West London, at 8 p. m. on Thursday following a fight with a stranger.

It is understood that he was stabbed several times.

A source said: “His family feared the worst. Fortunately. it seems the knife missed his vital organs.”

Liz is especially close to Miles, whose mama is her older sister Kate Curran, 54.

Miles has done shoots for style monarch Roberto Carvalli and Dolce& Gabbana.

His star aunt was pictured arriving at Heathrow around 9 a.m on. Friday, before visiting him.

Liz was in the US promoting her demonstrate The Royals.

She is known to be very fond of Miles and in 2013 proudly tweeted one of his early modelling shoots, declaring “Here’s my handsome nephew.”

This story originally appeared in the New York Post.

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