How ‘Black Panther’ changed everything for Sandra Bullock and her kids.

As a Hollywood -Alister who’s been in the film industry for years, you’d believe Sandra Bullock would be unflappable. But there’s still something that can bring her to tears — “Black Panther.”

Bullock couldn’t help but rave about the film when she gratified the cast backstage at the Academy Awards on March 4.

“I started to cry backstage when I was telling[ the casting of “Black Panther”] how much the film meant to me as a woman, but how much it meant to me as a mom, ” Bullock said in a red carpet interview with “Access Hollywood.”

Left: Sandra Bullock photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images. Right: Lupita Nyong’o( L) and Danai Gurira. Photo by Christopher Polk/ Getty Images.

Bullock is the mother of two black children, Louis, 8, and Laila, 5, through adoption. The movie’s all-black cast, dynamic female characters, and Afro-futuristic setting are a refreshing change of pace for adult filmgoers. But for children , particularly children of color, seeing a black monarch, and the intelligent, fierce black women leaders is downright inspiring.

Photo by Tony Karumba/ AFP/ Getty Images.

And for children of coloring this type of visibility is long overdue.

Children of coloring are still underrepresentedwhen it comes to toys, books, TV reveals, apps, and games. Determining amusement alternatives with visible, dynamic, leading characters of color requires a little extra hour, patience, or in some cases, get creative.

“I’m so grateful to Marvel because about five years ago, my son asked me if there were any brown Legos. And I said,’ Yes, there are, ’ and I got a Sharpie and I turned Spider-Man brown, I turned the Legos brown … ”

But with the success of movies like “Black Panther” there is a glimmer of hope .

The film is already breaking records at the box office, earning more than $500 milliondomestically since its release 18 days ago.

Now, industry insiders indicate “Black Panther” could build nearly $250 millionin merchandise marketings this year alone. With masks, action figures, clothes, Lego, and even a vehicle, Bullock and other parents of children of colour will eventually get the opportunity to celebrate and support a hero of colour on the big screen.

Photo by Yasuyoshi Chiba/ AFP/ Getty Images.

It’s a moment many gues would never come.

Parents, including Bullock, are rejoicing.

“I don’t have to turn[ the Lego] brown anymore, ” Bullock said.

Happy tears, indeed.

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