7 Things You Need To Know About The Pisces In Your Life

Rowan Chestnut/ Unsplash

Let me be the first be recognised that I am no astrologer. Ask me to explain why our birthdays affect our personalities, and I won’t be able too. Although there is some science to back up how the specific month you were born in affects your personality( read here & here ), there’s merely not as much to defend why your particular astrological sign does. Nevertheless, I’m a disciple in greater cosmic power. I’ve read a fair share about my zodiac sign, and can conclude that I am 100% a Pisces.

So with it officially being the Pisces birthday month, I’d like to make sure that we all understand the fishes. Maybe it’s simply me, but I’m under the impression that we tend to be brushed off as “complicated, ” when really, we’re just a fragile, tolerant, and perfectly lovable sign. “Complicated” doesn’t quite do my fellow fishes and I justice, so here’s what it really feels like to be a Pisces, and to have one of us in your life.

1. We are sensitive and emotional. Please be gentle with us .

The Pisces sign is epitomized by two swimming fish. According to astrology.com , the “water sign is highly emotional, empathic, and inordinately sensitive.”

Out of all the Pisces that I have ever gratified, this statement holds true. I have not once come across a Pisces that isn’t sensitive. As the extremely intuitive fish that we are, we’re in touch with our impressions and the feelings of others. When there’s a shift in the current, or a change in the tide, we don’t merely notice it–we feel it. We’re affected by the energy that surrounds us, as well as our environment. We’re was governed by emotions, and are the sign of heart over mind.

2. We’re pretty fun and get along with basically everyone

Pisces are innately fun. Because of our perceptive nature, we can get along with anyone; blend into any crowd. We’re always open to new ideas, and we prosper off positive vibes. This constructs us a fun friend to go out with, or to have around when you need a shoulder to call on. We have an incredible ability to read people and relate to them.

3. We may seem a little bit lost and indecisive

As fishes, we can sink or swimming. Sometimes it takes a Pisces a while to focus and find the right direction. Because we are adaptable, we may aimlessly drift around for a while. To some we may appear lost or distracted, with our head in the clouds. All we really need, however, is person or something to help ground us and our free spirit.

4. We’re the dreamers, and have vivid imaginations

Pisces are always dreaming. We have vivid imaginations, and we get easily swept away by our own thoughts and longings. To Pisces, the mystic world is more appealing than the real one. We like to escape reality. This is why many of seek creative professions, allowing us to dream a bit deeper.

5. We need time to ourselves

As dreamers, we need “me time” to get lost in our own fantasies and restore our energy. We like spending time with ourselves just as much as with others, and we enjoy being fully assimilated in a great book or solo activity.

6. We are affectionate, vulnerable, and a little needy

Pisces love to love, and love to be loved. We fall hard, and wear our hearts on our sleeve. We can also be a bit needy, and are easily bruised( I recur, we’re very sensitive ).

7. You’ll find us by the water

The water is our happy place, and we crave it as much as we need it. Take an unhappy Pisces to the beach, the pool, on a boat ride, or even run them a hot bath. You’ll ensure the difference.

And that’s a Pisces, in a nutshell. We’re a little complicated to the outside eye, but only in the best way possible. We feel deeply, dream deeply, love profoundly. We’re an intensive school of fish, and you would be mistaken to not want us around.

Happy Birthday Pisces!

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