25 of the best signs from March for Our Lives demonstrations around the globe.

Cities all over the planet were mobbed on Saturday, March 24, 2018, as hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered to support the empowered teen survivors of the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The demoes featured lively performances, tearful speeches throughout the day, and unbelievably clever hand-made signs that drove a single important phase home: #EnoughIsEnough.

Some people got a little crafty.

Others let powerful terms do all the work.

Kids blew our minds by just telling it like it is.

It turns out you don’t required to human to make a good sign.

Maybe that’s why people described inspiration from wizards and queens( or were straight-up queens themselves ).

And a few folks who genuinely know about classroom safety and the lasting impact of violence dropped some major truth bombs.

The infants certainly made their voices heard today. Now it’s period for all of us to listen.

Read more on the March for Our Lives with stories on Parkland student Emma Gonzalez’s emotional stillnes, D.C. student Zion Kelly’s speech on losing his twin to gun violence, photos from around the country, and moving words from little kids .

And if you want to support the anti-gun-violence motion, we have a quiz for the best way you can help .

Make sure to visit: CapGeneration.com


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