Florida woman hopes to catch her attacker in viral posts

Amanda Comparetto was out with her girlfriends for a bachelorette party at MacDinton’s Irish Pub on January 20, when a man — who has yet to be identified — punched her in the face and knocked her out, leaving her bleeding on the pavement as he ran off.

After months of no answers, the 23 -year-old tells she’s hoping the public can help identify him.

“I did not deserve this, ” Comparetto told. “I didn’t do something to him, I don’t think anyone deserves this.”


She says was assaulted by a man in a red shirt as she and her friends were leaving the bar.

“He grabbed one of the girls by her limbs and said this is my wife I am taking her with me, ” she said.

“My friend only shoved him off of her and told, ‘What are you doing? ‘ and he was like, ‘This is my wife, ‘ he only maintained saying that. And I was trying to talk to the guy, telling, ‘Leave us alone, ‘ and the next thing I knew he punched me and I woke up on the ground covered in my own blood.”

She told police the suspect is the man seen in video recorded by her friend earlier in the night. The man is ensure wearing a red shirt dancing to the right of a human in a white jacket. She handed the video over to St. Petersburg police, who say the investigation is ongoing.

Read more news from Fox 13 Tampa .

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