Answer 3 questions to find out which gun violence action plan is right for you.

As thousands across the nation prepare to take to the streets on March 24, 2018, for The March for Our Lives, we’re taking a look at some of the root causes, long-lasting impacts, and approaches to solving the firearm violence epidemic in America. This is our last installment.

Photo by Joe Raedle/ Getty Images.

We can all pretty much agree that gun violence in the U.S. is a problem that needs to be addressed, right? It’s merely that we disagree about how to address it.

In the wake of a large-scale misfortune like the Las Vegas massacre or the Parkland shooting, emotions have a tendency to run a bit hot. A quick glance at the comments on any of our past posts about gun violence shows that our audience is exactly who we thought they were: an engaged, passionate group of individuals who want to help stimulate the world a better place.

Yet we often consider these conversations veer off-topic, turning to divisive, partisan arguments.( Perhaps you can relate ?)

That’s why we put together a quick resource for people who want to enact real-world change.

With the help of the “Discover Your Action Scheme To Help Reduce Gun Violence” quiz below, we’ll match you with an action item that matches your views.

It should only take a minute or two to complete, and we hope you find it helpful.

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