Donald Glover tweets mock Deadpool script slamming industry racism

After it was announced that the Emmy winner and FX had parted routes on the project, he posted photos of a script he penned for the show

Just days after it was announced that Donald Glover and two brothers and collaborator Stephen Glover would no longer be working with FX and Marvel on the Deadpool animated series, the Emmy-winning Atlanta creator shared a taunt 15 -page script for the series on Twitter.

In a thread that has been initiated,” For the record: I wasn’t too busy to work on Deadpool ,” Glover included various pages of a script for the series finale in which Deadpool wonders why his animated series was shelved. The plot takes Deadpool to Africa, where he must protect the world’s last male northern white rhino, Sudan, who died in Kenya last week.

” You know, I’m not mad about this whole’ cancelled’ thing ,” tells Deadpool in the script.” I mean, is it even a good time to have a violent, gun loving white man ranting on Tv? Other than the PRESIDENT ?”

” Do you think they canceled the reveal because of racism ?!” Deadpool continues, in conversation with Sudan.” Yeah, all the writers were black. The references were pretty black, too. I heard they went over lunch budget ordering Jamaican food at least once a week .”

The script is full of references to pop culture, including Johnny Depp, the Chainsmokers, Taylor Swift, bitcoin, Jeff Bezos, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, Facebook, and even the Beyonce ” biting ” fiasco. Furthermore, Glover appears to be taking a swipe at Marvel and FX, which cited” creative differences” as the reason for parting styles with Glover on the project.

” It only feels like everyone wants something different, but no one wants to do anything different to get it ,” Deadpool continues.” Doesn’t Marvel have enough feel-good minority shows everyone subsistences but doesn’t watch? I mean, I suppose our demonstrate woulda been funny. I just wanted a place to be honest .”

After it was announced that the 10 -episode Deadpool series was canned, rumors swirled that Glover was too busy for the project. Glover creates, writes for, and starrings in his FX series Atlanta, induces music as Grammy-winning Childish Gambino, and is set to appear as Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo prequel.

Some of Glover’s tweets, with photos of the Deadpool script, seem below.

donald (@ donaldglover) TrLGKmG7 40

March 28, 2018

donald (@ donaldglover) kB3dgRkfLP

March 28, 2018

donald (@ donaldglover) xbmeFxLVUC

March 28, 2018

donald (@ donaldglover) 4jiernxFCt

March 28, 2018

donald (@ donaldglover) hz2a0nTCpS

March 28, 2018

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