Microsoft can ban you for using offensive language

A report by CSOOnline presented the possibility that Microsoft would be able to ban” offensive speech” from Skype, Xbox, and, inexplicably, Office. The post, which cites Microsoft’s new words of use, said that the company would not allow users to” publicly showing or use the Services to share inappropriate content or material( involving, for example, nudity, bestiality, porn, offensive speech, graphic violence, or criminal activity )” and that you could lose your Xbox Live Membership if you curse out a kid Overwatch.

” We are committed to providing our customers with safe and secure experiences while using our services. The recent changes to the Microsoft Service Agreement’s Code of Conduct provide transparency on how we respond to customer reports of inappropriate public content ,” told a Microsoft spokesperson. The company notes that” Microsoft Agents” do not watch Skype calls and that they can only respond to complaints with clear evidence of abuse. The changes, which go into effect May 1, lets Microsoft to ban you from it services if you’re detected passing” inappropriate content” or employing” offensive language .”

These new regulations give Microsoft more power over abusive users and it seems like Microsoft is cracking down on bad behaviour on its platforms. This is good news for victims of abuse in private communications channels on Microsoft products and may dedicate trolls pause before they scream something about your mother on Xbox. We can only dare to dream.

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