50 years ago tonight, MLK gave his final speech. His wisdom still brings us to tears.

Preacher. Activist. Martyr. Liberator. Genius. Organizer. Humanitarian. Father. Husband. Human. Martin Luther King Jr. was all of those, and then some.

Photo by Reg Lancaster/ Daily Express/ Hulton Archive/ Getty Images.

The charismatic, world-changer was assassinated at just 39 years old on April 4, 1968. Having survived a stabbing assault, death threats, time in prison, and brutal threats and unethical surveillance from the FBI, King died with the heart that was in the state of a 60-year-old’s.

But it’s not King’s death that should be remembered today. It’s the unbelievable life he led, and how he shaped civil right, activism, and what it’s like to be black in America today.

On the night before King’s death, he gave what would be his last speech in Memphis, Tennessee. Clearly worn by the wears and tears of fighting injustice at one of the most racist and violent times in American history, King gave a resounding speech to a mob of more than 2,500 people about the burdensome but necessary fighting towards quality and justice for all . The last two minutes of the 40 -minute speech are utterly unbelievable.

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