Google needs your help finding Waldo

At some point in the not-so-distant past, April Fools was about pranks and hoaxes, but given that we apparently have enough of those on the web, the working day has somehow morphed into a festivity of random jokey things. This year’s Google Maps gag is no exception.

Starting today, when you open Google Maps on your phone or desktop, you’ll see Waldo in his trademark red and white sweater, waving at you you from the side of your screen. That’s because Waldo is sharing his place with you for the coming few days and he genuinely wants to be found( or not … I’m never quite sure about what Waldo’s real motivatings are …). You can also ask the Google Assistant” Hey Google. Where’s Waldo ?”

Then, when you click on Waldo in the map, you get to see a standard” Where is Waldo” image and your job is to find him, as well as Woof, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and Odlaw.

Now if Google had wanted to make this a real April Fools joke, it would’ve announced this and then never released it or simply demonstrated you a standard” Where is Waldo” image without Waldo. That route, it would’ve driven everybody mad. But I’m pretty sure it’s for real, so head over to Google Maps and give it a try.

Make sure to visit:


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