21 images of the best signs from March for Science rallies around the globe.

The second annual March for Science rallies are a call to action. And a showcase for great signs.

In America and other parts of the world, the scientific community has been under assault — and last year, organizers put together the first-ever March for Science.

Like so many of the rallies that sprang up in the wake of President Trump’s election, the first March for Science helped inspire some hilarious and insightful signage that captured a few moments in time πŸ˜› TAGEND

And this year may be even better. On April 14, the second annual series of marchings took place and instantly went viral, rising to the top of Twitter and Instagram as people shared narratives and pictures of signs from rallies across the globe.

Once again, fans of science got incredibly crafty.

Great to be back in D.C. for the day #marchforscience

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Others made it clear that nerds have excellent senses of humor.

And so do dogs, apparently .

Some attained serious points about the importance of science .

Wake up America #marchforscience #climatechangeisreal

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While a few let themselves get a little angry.


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Some signs were strictly inspirational about the power and potential of science .

we will not be silent this spring #marchforscience #thesilentspring #rachelcarson

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The main rally was held in Washington , D.C ., and quickly spread to more than 600 cities around the world.

Photo by Rajesh Jantilal/ Getty Images.

It’s a dishonor that science is under attack. But it’s inspiring to see how many people are marching to support those whose work is changing the world for the better.

There’s nothing incorrect with debate. Challenging hypothesis, eradicating false proof is literally at the heart of the scientific method. Regrettably, the debate has shifted toward one about the nature of science itself. That’s a dishonor.

Science and technology are arguably the greatest force-out for good in our world today, affecting virtually every aspect of our lives. Still, the March for Science rallies show that those who support scientific progress aren’t about to be pushed out of the conversation.

If you couldn’t make it to one of the rallies but still want your voice heard, the scientists have got a solution for you πŸ˜› TAGEND

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