Highlights and audio from Zuckerbergs emotional Q&A on scandals

” This is going to be a never-ending battle ,” told Mark Zuckerberg. He only gave the most candid appear yet into his thoughts about Cambridge Analytica, data privacy and Facebook’s sweeping developer platform changes during a conference call with reporters today. Voicing alternately vulnerable about his past negligence and confident about Facebook’s strategy going forward, Zuckerberg took nearly an hour of tough questions.

You can read a transcript here and listen to a recording of the bellow below 😛 TAGEND

The CEO started the call by giving his condolences to those affected by the shooting at YouTube yesterday. He then delivered this mea culpa on privacy 😛 TAGEND

We’re an idealistic and optimistic company … but it’s clear now that we didn’t do enough. We didn’t focus enough on preventing abuse and thinking through how people could use these tools to do damage as well … We didn’t take a broad enough opinion of what our responsibility is and that was a huge mistake. That was my mistake.

It’s not enough to simply connect people. We have to make sure those connects are positive and that they’re bringing people together. It’s not enough just to give people a voice, we have to make sure that people are not utilizing that voice to hurt people or spread misinformation. And it’s not enough to give people tools to sign into apps, we have to make sure that all those developers protect people’s information too.

It’s not enough to have regulations requiring that they protect the information. It’s not enough to believe them when they’re telling us they’re protecting information. We actually have to ensure that everyone in our ecosystem protects people’s information.

This is Zuckerberg’s strongest statement yet about his and Facebook’s failure to anticipate worst-case scenarios , which has led to a string of scandals that are now decimating the company’s morale. Spelling out how policy means nothing without enforcement, and pairing that with a massive reduction in how much data app developers can request from users builds it seem like Facebook is ready to turn over a new leaf.

Here are the highlights from the rest of the call 😛 TAGEND

On Zuckerberg calling fake news’ influence “crazy”: ” I clearly made a mistake by just rejecting fake news as crazy — as has implications … it was too flippant. I never should have referred to it as crazy.

Facebook and the endless string of worst-case scenarios


On deleting Russian trolls : Not only did Facebook delete 135 Facebook and Instagram accounts belonging to Russian government-connected election interference troll farm the Internet Research Agency, as Facebook announced yesterday, Zuckerberg told Facebook removed” a Russian news organization that we decided was controlled and operated by the IRA .”

On the 87 million number : Regarding today’s disclosure that up to 87 million people had their data improperly accessed by Cambridge Analytica,” it very well could be less but we wanted to put out the maximum that we felt it could be as soon as we had that analysis .” Zuckerberg also referred to The New York Times’ report , noting that ” We never put out the 50 million number, that was other parties .”

Facebook acknowledges Cambridge Analytica hijacked data on up to 87 M users


On users having their public info scraped : Facebook announced this morning that” we believe most people on Facebook could have had their public profile rubbed” via its search by phone number or email address feature and account recovery system. Scammers abused these to punch in one piece of info and then pair it to someone’s name and photo. Zuckerberg told search features are useful in languages where it’s hard to type or a lot of people have the same names. But” the methods of react limiting this weren’t able to prevent malicious performers who cycled through hundreds of thousands of IP address and did a relatively small number of queries for each one, so given that and what we know to day it merely stimulates sense to shut that down .”

On when Facebook learned about the scraping and why it didn’t inform the public sooner :” We looked into this and is understandable more over the last few days as part of the audit of our overall system ,” Zuckerberg told, declining to specify when Facebook first identified the questions.[ Update: Facebook subsequently specified that the sophisticated scraping had been picked up in the past few weeks during the audit, recently corroborated, and that the company disclosed the situation as soon as it had details ready .]

On enforcing GDPR worldwide : Zuckerberg refuted a Reuters story from yesterday saying that Facebook wouldn’t bring GDPR privacy protections to the U.S. and elsewhere. Instead he tells,” we’re going to make all the same controls and situates available everywhere , not just in Europe.”

Zuckerberg says Facebook will offer GDPR privacy controls everywhere


On if board has discussed him stepping down as chairman :” Not that I’m aware of ,” Zuckerberg said happily.

On if he still thinks he’s the best person to run Facebook :” Yes. Life is about draw lessons from the mistakes and figuring out what you need to do to move forward … I think what people should evaluate us on is learning from our mistakes … and if we’re building things people like and that make their lives better … there are billions of people who love the products we’re building .”

On the Boz memo and prioritizing business over security :” The things that induces our product challenging to manage and operate are not the trade-offs between people and the business. I actually guess those are quite easy because over the long-term, the business will be better if you serve people. I think it would be near-sighted to focus on short-term revenue over people, and I don’t think we’re that short-sighted. All the hard decisions we have to make are trade-offs between people. Different people who use Facebook have different wants. Some people want to share political speech that they think is valid, and other people feel like it’s hate speech … we don’t always get them right .”

The real threat to Facebook is the Kool-Aid turning sour


On whether Facebook can audit all app developers :” We’re not going to be able to go out and necessarily find every bad use of data ,” Zuckerberg said, but confidently said,” Iactually do think we’re going to be able to cover a large amount of that activity .”

On whether Facebook will sue Cambridge Analytica :” We have stood down temporarily to let the[ U.K. government] do their investigation and their audit. Once that’s done we’ll resume ours … and ultimately to make sure none of the data persists or is being used improperly. And at that point if it constructs sense we will take legal action if we need to do that to get people’s datum .”

Cambridge Analytica denies accessing data on 87 M Facebook users…claims 30 M


On how Facebook will measure its impact on fixing privacy : Zuckerberg wants to be able to measure” the prevalence of different categories of bad content like fake news, dislike speech, bully, terrorism … That’s going to end up being the style we should be held accountable and measured by the public … My hope is that over day the playbook and scorecard we put out will also be followed by other internet platforms so that style there can be a standard measure across the industry .”

On whether Facebook should try to earn less fund by utilizing less data for targeting :” People tell us if they’re going to see ads they want the ads to be good … that the ads are actually relevant to what they care about … On the one hand people want relevant experiences, and on the other hand I do think there’s some inconvenience with how data applies in systems like ads. But I think the feedback is overwhelmingly on the side of wanting a better experience. Perhaps it’s 95 -5 .”

Facebook rewrites Terms of Service, clarifying device data collected


On whether #DeleteFacebook has had an impact on utilization or ad revenue :” I don’t think there’s been any meaningful impact that we’ve find … but it’s not good .”

On the timeline for fixing data privacy :” This is going to be a never-ending combat. You never fully solve security. It’s an limbs race ,” Zuckerberg said early in the bellow. Then to shut Q& A, he said,” I think this is a multi-year endeavor. My hope is that by the end of this year we’ll have turned the corner on a lot of these issues and that people will see that things are getting a lot better .”

Overall, this was the moment of humility, candor and contrition Facebook desperately needed. Users, developers, regulators and the company’s own employees have felt in the dark this last month, but Zuckerberg did his best to lay out a clear route forward for Facebook. His willingness to endure these questions was admirable, even if he deserved the grilling.

The company’s problems won’t vanish, and its past sins can’t be apologized away. But Facebook and its leader have finally ripened past the incredulous dismissals and paralysis that characterized its response to past scandals. It’s ready to get to work.

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