Conserve the Sound is an archive of noises from old tape players, projectors and other dying tech

All of us grew up around tech different from what we have today, and many of us look back on those devices with fondness. But are you able recall the exact sound your first Casio keyboard attain, or the cadence of a rotary phone’s clicks? Conserve the Sound aims to, well, conserve the audio of contraptions like these so that future generations will know what it voiced like to set a cartridge in the NES.

It’s actually quite an old project at this point, having been funded first in 2013, but its collecting has grown to a considerable size. The money received from German art institution Film& Medienstiftung NRW; the site was created( and is maintained) by creative house Chunderksen.

The whole thing is appropriately minimal, much like an actual museum: You find objects either by browsing randomly or by find a corresponding tag, and are presented with some straightforward imagery and a player loaded with the carefully captured voice of the device being operated.

Though the items themselves are banal, listening to these voices of a bygone age is strangely addictive. They trigger memories or curiosity — was my Nintendo that squeaky? Didn’t my rotary phone click more? What kind was it anyway? I wonder if they have my old boombox … oh! A View-Master!

The collection has grown over the years and continues to grow; it now includes interviews with experts in various subjects on the importance of saving these audios. You can even submit your own, if you like.” We welcome suggestions in general, sound suggestions, tales, anecdotes and of course cooperations ,” write the creators.

I for one would love to revisit all the different modems and sounds I grew up utilizing: 2400, 9600, 14.4, 28.8, all the way up to 56.6. Not exactly pleasant noises, admittedly, but I foresee they will bring back a inundation of memories, Proust-style, of BBSes, hours-long download hours and pirated screen savers.

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